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Feature book: The Prince’s Son of Scandal

23 May 2018

The Prince’s Son of Scandal by Dani Collins

Subgenre: contemporary
Release date: 1 Jan 2018
Publisher: Mills & Boon Sexy
Format: print and ebook
Length: 256 pages

It is their celebrity that drives much of their lives.

Trella Sauveterre feels under siege. She is desperate to get out of her house and find her way in the world again. She had a traumatic experience when she was younger when she was kidnapped. She was contained but fought against her kidnappers. A friend managed to hack their system and find the young girl. Subsequently, she was affected by anorexia, depression but more specifically panic attacks. Trella’s twin sister, Angelique, has covered for Trella on many occasions due to her panic attacks, and also senses when things are not right for Trella. On this one night, Trella just wants go out into public and decides to impersonate her sister, with her full knowledge, before she makes her comeback into the limelight.

Crown Prince Xavier of Elazar wants her but how to achieve that end. Trella bids for a dance with the Prince and naturally wins. The dance becomes a kiss and becomes a night together. The one night is all it can be.

Six months later, Xavier notes that Trella is pregnant in a paparazzi photo where Trella is unable to hide her swelling belly. Of course, Xavier is furious with Trella and insists on her coming back to his palace. Trella is reluctant to do so as she doesn’t know if the baby will survive due to the physical damage done to her during her kidnapping. The baby comes early and Trella’s life is in danger.

Xavier’s grandmother rules the country and she is very unsympathetic to Xavier’s new situation. She believes that another woman should be the new queen and not Trella. She is very icy when she speaks with Trella who is also in the middle of a panic attack.

It takes a few realisations before Xavier can deal with his grandmother and then his love for Trella. Trella has lived in fear of bad things happening but Xavier needs to convince her that good things can happen for them.

This was a nice story of a woman trying to overcome her panic attacks due to her childhood experiences. This really makes the character a little more real to the reader knowing that when she has control of her life, she can minimise the attacks but they will never leave. Xavier has to come to understand that there will always be limitations, but together they can deal with them.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.

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