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Feature book: Third Son’s a Charm

25 April 2018

Third Son’s a Charm by Shana Galen

Subgenre: historical, Regency
Release date: 7 Nov 2017
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Format: print, ebook, audio
Length: 418 pages

They are known as the Survivors. The men who survived the suicide missions and are now known as Draven’s unit. They are of ton birth and usually find they don’t sit comfortably in that space.

Ewan Mostyn is the third son of the Earl of Pembroke. He is a member of Draven’s crew, a soldier who was fighting for his country. Back in London, he feels a bit of a misfit within society even though he is the son of an earl. He is currently the bouncer for Langley’s gaming hall. He enjoys the part of ejecting carousers from the gaming den but does feel sorry for the damage he causes. The Duke of Ridlington has requested his assistance. The duke wants Ewan, also known as the Protector, to protect his daughter from a fortune hunter.

Lorraine (Lorrie) Caldwell is the only daughter of the Duke of Ridlington. She wants to marry the man she loves, Francis. Her father has said that she will get no dowry if she marries him. Francis suggests they should wait until he gives his permission. Lorrie doesn’t want to wait. She is prepared to elope to marry Francis. Enter Ewan who must stop her from eloping, or Francis even speaking to Lorrie. Ewan, it turns out is enjoying this job as Francis is his cousin, someone who tormented him throughout their childhood.

Lorrie understands very quickly that Ewan has issues with reading. He is not illiterate, he is brilliant at numbers, but more dyslexic, and she says she can help him. It is then that Ewan admits his father has asked him to look at the family ledgers to find a solution to the financial disaster that is the Pembroke estates. As Lorrie and Ewan work closely, they also come closer more as friends leading to lovers.

One night, Lorrie is abducted for ransom by Francis, and Ewan must trace her and try to bring her back. He asks his friends for help and they willingly assist him to find her. It is after Lorrie’s return Ewan must fight for her.

There is an interesting side story in this book. The Duke and Duchess of Ridlington have been effectively living apart for a few years with many rumours of lovers. The duke goes to his wife and says that he wants just her. She is shocked and has to decide whether or not she wants to be with just him. The conclusion. It is a romance book …

There are lots of twists in this story and some aspects are well known to historical readers. However, I really enjoyed reading about Ewan. He really believes he is incapable, as he has been led to believe this by many around him, including his father. He believes he is only good as a bouncer type. As a reader, you will have lots of sympathy for Ewan as he struggles with his self-image. Naturally it is the love of a good woman that allows him to see how much better he can be, with those feelings of self-doubt disappearing.

I really enjoy Ms Galen’s historical stories and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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