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Guest blogger: Robert LJ Borg

15 April 2018

Aussie author on the Côte d’Azur

I left Australia with an amount of uncertainty at what I might find. When I arrived in southern France in March 2016, I knew I had made the right decision.

France in general is a very beautiful country—I travelled around it a fair bit in the late 1970s; but the south of France is an entity that swallows you whole.

Everything seems to move at a very slow pace in this region and it gives you time to absorb the surroundings. In winter the coastal towns are so laid back you feel as though you are the only one living here—it is so quiet. However, when spring and summer arrive, it’s as though someone has applied a defibrillator to it, as the region suddenly becomes fast paced and alive with tourists, the rich and famous amongst their number. Stunning yachts fill the ports, exotic cars cruise the coastal roads, and restaurants and bars are filled to bursting.

As an author, this time of the year is best, especially for people watching. The more you see, the more character developments start to fill your repertoire to eventually find themselves in one of your stories. It is an inspirational part of the world where history and traditional values play an important role in its very special identity.

My two years on the Côte d’Azur have been an inspiration, which has allowed my writing skills to blossom.

During this time three books were released by Luminosity Publishing under my pen name, Louise Roberts. The third, a 37,000-word novella entitled Dragoon Serenade is located in this area and is set during the lead up to the invasion of southern France on 15 August 1944. The region’s history, its people, the communities that encompasses them has entirely influenced my story. The book trailer can be found on YouTube.

Despite giving my pseudonym the bulk of my time, I have also found some for myself. Apart from writing fiction, I also dabble in travel writing which is, at present, limited on my blog. More importantly, I have had time to completely re-write my very first novel, a crime fiction with sensual romantic elements, Out of the Darkness. Although originally completed in 1994, I never thought it good enough to submit. The calming effect the Côte d’Azur gave me the courage to tear it apart and start again. It was the best thing I did, because the novel will now be released by Luminosity Publishing on 18 April 2018 in digital format and as a paperback on 15 May 2018.

At present I am working on the sequel, but I’m not rushing it as that would go against the way things are done in the south of France.

Out of the Darkness

It’s January 1994 and it is proving to be another hot summer in Sydney Australia. During the early hours, lonely in his thoughts and strolling along the shoreline at Freshwater Beach, Mark Lander, a war correspondent home on leave, is distracted by cries of help from the surf and wades in to rescue a swimmer in distress.

Unbeknown to Mark his courageous action will make him an unsuspecting champion in the defense of the rescuee, Robyn Shelly. Inquisitive by nature, a requirement of his chosen profession, he teams up with his best friend, Detective Sergeant Jim Sanders. Their respective investigations will pull them deeper into a world of violence and mayhem.

Despite his personal emotional anguish, Mark finds himself captivated by Robyn’s beauty and gradually falls in love with her. However, although he gladly accepts the unexpected friendship, will the trials still to come dash any hope of romance and eventual happiness …?

You can find Robert here: Robert’s website | Louise’s website | Robert’s Facebook | Louise’s Facebook | Robert’s Twitter | Louise’s Twitter


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