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Feature book: Playing with Forever

7 March 2018

Playing with Forever by Amy Andrews

Subgenre: Contemporary romance; sports
Release date: 25 Sep 2017
Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Format: ebook / paperback
Length: 250 pages
RRP: US$3.99 / US$14.99

Thank god he’s a country boy.

Ryder Davis had snapped his right Achilles and from time to time it gets inflamed. He lives by the beach so has ample room to exercise in various forms. What he doesn’t expect is to be saddled with a dog. A big dog. Not just any dog but a Great Dane. Valerie, his coach’s daughter asked him to care for it while the owners were away. Tiny (yes, Tiny the Great Dane) is like a cyclone in his apartment, destroying a few of Ryder’s precious items. So Ryder seeks help from the local animal shelter.

Juliet Morgan works at the shelter and is willing to help Ryder with his dog. And he needs lots of help. So he attends dog obedience classes only to discover that Tiny doesn’t really need obedience classes. Tiny, the dog, is actually on his best behaviour for Juliet. And what he realises is that Juliet has no idea who he is. He also realises he’s attracted to Juliet.

Juliet has a dream and intends to go to Italy for a year, just to fulfil her mother’s dream. Juliet, despite her attraction to Ryder, is keeping her eye on her dream. She is willing to have an eight week fling. But she will be going to Italy. She has worked long and hard to get there especially after her previous boyfriend spent the inheritance her mother left her.

I liked Ryder’s country boy manner. He really shows who he is and doesn’t try to hide much from others. He may try to hide where he lives and some other external factors but who you meet is who you get. He just likes what he likes but that country existence plays a lot in how he approaches life and people.

What more can be said. This is another fantastic read in the Sydney Smoke series.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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