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Feature book: A Week to be Wild

21 February 2018

A Week to be Wild by JC Harroway

Subgenre: contemporary
Release date: 22 Feb 2018
Publisher: Mills & Boon DARE
Format: ebook
Length: 224 pages

They have much in common but will the chemistry last?

Alex Lancaster is determined to have Olivia Noble design a media blitz for his special program Able Active which he created in memory of his sister. Alex is a self-made IT billionaire but is also a notorious playboy. He wants Olivia to work on the media aspects of his program to give it the international exposure he wants. He wants her for the week. He also has fantasies about Olivia when he sees her and what he would like to do to her.

Olivia (Libby) Noble is a publicist of sorts. She is just starting her business with her friend in New York and while the business is still small it is making an impact. Libby has not had sex for four years since the death of her fiancé. She loved, and still loves him. She is attracted to Alex but doesn’t want to ruin things. At first, she declines Alex’s proposal of staying for a week to look at Able Active but she then learns that he paid for her trip, and she feels she should give him some time. Unfortunately for Alex Libby is reluctant to do activities such as hot air ballooning and jet skiing and she most certainly does not want to do a family wedding.

Alex and Libby are similar in some respects. They have both had a death of someone close so they are both fearful to start anything more permanent. Both feel guilty about the deaths, Alex of his sister and Libby of her fiancé. It all comes back to Libby when Alex gets on a jet ski and hits a wave and appears to crash. She runs back home with the excuse that she needs to see her friend, and business partner’s baby. There is a happy ever after for Alex and Olivia.

The sexual relationship between Alex and Libby is intense. They want it when they want it. The evolution of their sexual relationship, the chemistry, fears and feelings is rapid and all-encompassing until they finally admit to they should be together, forever.

This book is written from the third person perspective. Readers should be aware that the sexual relationship takes precedence over the emotional relationship in this line. The emotion does come to the fore for the happy ever after but it is all about instant attraction and the sex.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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