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Release day: Fair Game

20 February 2018

Today is the official release of Fair Game by Amy Andrews (Women of W.A.R. #3) (ebook, Escape Publishing). Here’s the blurb:

Darcy Clarke would do anything to play for the new Women’s Aussie Rules league, even put up with her ex, Tony, who just happens to be the coach of the Brisbane Banshees. Tony stomped out of their apartment – and all over heart – two years ago, but she’s moved on, and she deserves her jersey.

As his best friend’s girl, Darcy has always been out of Levi’s reach, even after Tony dropped her and moved out of the apartment they all shared. Now, two years on and still sharing the same apartment, she should be fair game. But Levi is no closer to getting Darcy to think of him as anything but a roommate and a friend.

But when Darcy injures herself in play, Levi’s qualifications as a sports massage therapist are put to good use. Suddenly, their relationship becomes very hands on, and Darcy sees a whole new side of her old friend. A pity he seems immune to her charms. When Tony makes it clear he wants back into her life, she has a decision to make: between the man she once loved and the man who never left her side.

Amy dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

After writing a series of books with male footballers it was fun to write a book about a female footy player set amidst the exciting new backdrop of women’s AFL. There’s such a buzz about it wherever you go here in Australia and it was great to be able to explore this wonderfully female-centric world. Of course, working with Catherine and Nicola made things so much easier—they know their footy as well as their writing those two—and it was an absolute pleasure to be involved with them in this project.

You can find out more about this book, including buy links, at Escape.


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