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Weekly musing: small-town romance

15 February 2018

Carrying on from last week, let’s move on to small-town romances. For this discussion we are keeping it to US-based non-city romances. Think along the lines of Sweet Home Alabama. We’ll discuss Western contemporaries next week.

This is another genre that I love to read. Who doesn’t love reading about other people gossiping about everyone else in the town, where everyone knows everyone and what they are getting up to? Meanwhile, they are trying to hide their own secrets; it’s perfect! Plus trying to have a relationship and sometimes trying to keep it a secret.

I’ve found the heroes and heroines in these types of romances are very independent and usually stuck in their ways. It takes the other person to bring them out of their comfort zones and help in their growth as a person. The sensuality levels tend to be more ‘sweet’; however, there are ‘spicier’ titles moving their way into this sub-genre.

Jilted brides, secret babies/pregnancies, returning to their home town and high-school sweethearts are common themes found in small-town romances. What are your favourite tropes in small-town romances? Which ones don’t you like?

My favourite authors are: Jill Shalvis, Susan Mallery and Robyn Carr. Who are your favourite small-town romance authors?

My top 10 must-read small-town romances are:

  • Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis (Lucky Harbor #1)
  • Sweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis (Heartbreaker Bay #1)
  • Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis (Animal Magnetism #1)
  • No Tan Lines by Kate Angell (Barefoot William Beach #1)
  • Fool for Love by Beth Ciotta (Cupcake Lovers #1)
  • The Summer He Came Home by Juliana Stone (Bad Boys of Crystal Lake #1)
  • The Best Man by Kristan Higgins (Blue Heron #1)
  • Wild Child by Molly O’Keefe (Boys of Bishop #1)
  • Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery (Fool’s Gold #1)
  • Trinity Falls by Regina Hart (Finding Home #1)

What books do you recommend as must-read small-town romances?

My top five favourite covers:
(Okay I could only cut it down to eight this week; I’ll try harder to keep it to five next time)


Happy reading!

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  1. 15 February 2018 9:55 am

    I was just going to mention that ‘small town’ is often another title used here in Australia for our rural romance authors. I think Amazon uses the category ‘Westerns’ stemming from the Americanism and I’m pretty sure ‘small town’ is its own category now at Amazon AUS.

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