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Feature book: Wenna

14 February 2018

Wenna by Virginia Taylor

Subgenre: Historical romance; family saga
Release date: 31 Jan 2017
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Format: ebook / paperback
Length: 230 pages
RRP: A$3.42 / A$22.25

Life is what you make it and if you work hard enough, you will be rewarded is Wenna’s philosophy, especially in a new colony.

Wenna Chenoweth is a lady’s maid who also has to deal with her employer’s spiteful daughter. Patricia does all she can to ruin Wenna out of spite. She does so at a cricket match and Wenna finds herself in the carriage with Devon Courtney driving back to Adelaide city. Wenna thinks Dev is a labourer. Wenna would not think he is on a higher status level than her but eventually realises her mistake.

Devon decides that he needs to marry Wenna as he thinks she will be the best wife for him, and there is also an opportunity to have a go at his family in Cornwall. He is the heir to a title and wants a child to continue the line. Devon finds out that Wenna’s mother was his mother’s lady’s maid but he doesn’t let on until much later.

Wenna becomes very concerned that Dev is a spendthrift and she needs to make money to help out, save for her journey to Cornwall and to send money to her grandparents. Dev wants to return to Cornwall to show his family that he is better than the wastrel they thought he was.

Together Dev and Wenna are about to work through their secrets and all is eventually revealed especially after Wenna’s life is threatened.

This story is set in South Australia, in Adelaide, around the beginning of the colony. It shows the life of the higher levels of society, or at least those that think they are, and also workers. I like a story that gives me a wide view of the different aspects of society.

I like Wenna’s determination to better herself and some of those whom she comes in contact with. She is a very likeable woman and has a very caring soul. She wants to make things better for some people. It seems to be that Dev likes to keep things close to his chest and will only let certain people close. This may be due to his family background.

When this story is read in conjunction with the other stories in the series, they offer a look at the beginnings of South Australia and what it may have been like at that time. It shows people from all different levels in society and shows the nature of the future Australia.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. Lynette Williams permalink
    15 February 2018 9:19 am

    I have this book in my kindle but as yet I have not read it——LynW

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