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Feature book: Runaway Christmas Bride

7 February 2018

Runaway Christmas Bride by Isabella Hargreaves

Subgenre: Historical
Release date: 1 Dec 2017
Publisher: Isabella Hargreaves
Format: ebook
Length: 79 pages

This is a wonderful short story by Ms Hargreaves. There is the magic of Christmas and love blossoming.

Miss Amelia Fortescue most certainly does not want an arranged marriage. She wants to know the man she is to marry and she doesn’t want some infirmed, old man. She knows that her parents have arranged this marriage to help pay her father’s debt. She decides to run away to her aunt’s place. Her understanding aunt who has given her the means to escape if she needs it.

And so she runs to her aunt in Bath. Amelia meets trouble at the first spot. A man accosts her and she is saved by another more upstanding gentleman. Naturally the reader knows who this man is but will his identity be revealed before he plans it to be or will he be able to make Amelia like him?

There was much to like about this story. It was quick, only 79 pages. It has two very likeable characters in the hero and heroine. The two fall in love despite those who accidently reveal information and her unlikeable parents. Then there is the proposal at the end. This was a very romantic story and certainly had some Christmas magic and a very sweet relationship between the pair.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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