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Feature book: The Christmas Stranger

7 February 2018

The Christmas Stranger by Anna Campbell

Subgenre: historical
Release date: 16 Nov 2017
Publisher: Anna Campbell
Format: ebook
Length: 153 pages

Dr Thomas Black is the epitome of an absent-minded academic. He is more interested in his ancient Athenian politics than the politics of matchmaking. But on request from his friend’s wife to find a suitable match for Joss, he commissions a job for his godson to look at his manor house to see how it might need updating. As a result, Josiah (Joss) Hale arrives at the house, not expecting the young woman in residence.

Margaret (Maggie) Carr has the position as housekeeper. She is very young for a housekeeper but Dr Thomas allows her to stay there as she has nowhere else to go as both her father and mother are deceased. She immediately asks Joss inside as the winter storm has been terrible and there is no way he can return to the village on the snowy night.

Over the days they are together, Joss and Maggie find a connection. They decorate for Christmas and go skating on the lake. Maggie is a young woman who has been very isolated from society and is extremely innocent and guileless. Joss is very aware that he may be taking advantage of her. After they spend the night together, Joss realises that he needs her in his life. It does take some convincing on Joss’s part, but he eventually wins her heart.

This is an enjoyable Christmas story from Ms Campbell.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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