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Feature book: Christmas Wishes New Year Kisses

7 February 2018

Christmas Wishes New Year Kisses by Michelle Douglas

Subgenre: contemporary, Christmas
Release date: 17 Oct 2016
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook
Length: 104 pages

It was meant to be.

It is a small town and reputations count. Josh Halliday often has to defend his business partner and best friend, Erin Timms, from the comments made about how stern and strict she is with her clients. Josh comes from a relatively happy and settled family background. He is happy to be in business with his friend but really wants more from Erin.

As a gift, Josh gives Erin tickets for a week in Cairns as he feels she could use the time away as she works too hard and has to deal with her mother. Erin argues with her mother about the trip and her mother has made her feel guilty about leaving her without care. Josh’s father steps in and says he will take care of Erin’s mother.

Josh and Erin get to Cairns. It takes Erin a day or so to relax and not worry about everything—her mother, her clothing, her growing attraction to Josh, and the fact he wants to see her in a bikini. They do have their minor misunderstandings, but spend the night together. They are able to connect on a different level. Then they have a major disagreement and virtually go their separate ways. Josh decides to leave the town. Erin is devastated and immediately puts plans into place so that she can be with Josh.

This is a very nice story about friends to lovers in a small town. They have their Christmas break together. Josh wants Erin to have a break from her mother and the business which, as vets, they are on call 24/7. The break allows Josh and Erin to realise that it is not just work that ties them together. This was a nice Australian Christmas story.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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