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Feature book: Catching Captain Nash

12 January 2018

Catching Captain Nash by Anna Campbell

He just wants to be home. To be with his wife. What he sees when arrives shocks him. She is about to announce her engagement to someone else.

It has been five years since he disappeared. Robert was captured by pirates somewhere near South America. He wants to be normal again. He wants to be in his wife’s arms. The fact that his wife was about to become betrothed to another man rocks him.

Despite all the requests and lines of enquiry, Silas, Lord Stone, and Morwenna were unable to find out what happened to their brother and husband respectively. But they are both relieved to find him in the ballroom doorway. The event quickly disperses as people leave to spread the word of Robert’s return.

On his first night he finds that his wife has indeed been faithful to him over the five years, and the connection begins to rebuild between the couple. The remainder of the story takes the reader through Robert’s rehabilitation and his reconnection with Morwenna.

Why this story resonates is that it is of a love that was budding, then taken away, then returned in another, deeper, form. Morwenna and Robert, in their own ways, were left to pine for each other. Morwenna had to keep going for the sake of their daughter. Hoping that Morwenna was waiting for him kept Robert going while he was imprisoned.

Morwenna is aware that Robert has issues around his captivity and is very supportive. As the story continues their hot and sexy marital relationship continues, as does Robert’s healing. When Robert finds that Morwenna isn’t with him just for the sex and because she has to be, he is able to settle and declare his feelings.

In some ways this story wasn’t what I was expecting, particularly given the opening scene. But I liked that Robert and Morwenna were able to rebuild their budding relationship from their early marriage, and take it to absolute true love and soulmate status.

In another thread, I really hope Garson finds his true love.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provide by the author.


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