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Feature book: The Tycoon’s Marriage Deal

10 January 2018

The Tycoon’s Marriage Deal by Melanie Milburne

He desperately needs her agreement so he can pursue his objective.

Tillie Toppington is busy stabbing the groom figurine. It has been three months since Simon, her ex-fiancé, ditched her at the altar and she still has some issues, which explains the fact that she is stabbing the groom figurine, from her cake, with pins. She doesn’t have time to deal with Mr Chocolate Eclair who has just come into her cake shop. Tillie is slowly getting rid of all aspects of her failed nuptials but wants the time to grieve in her own time.

Tillie adamantly says no to the proposed fake engagement with Blake MacClelland but the ring he leaves behind gets stuck on her finger, and she has to tell Mr Pendleton that she and Blake are engaged. Mr Pendleton is the current owner of MacClelland Park, Blake’s former home, and from whom he wants to buy the property.

Tillie is the village’s girl. They don’t like Simon for the way he ditched her but they are enamoured with Blake, who can do no wrong, or he better not do wrong by Tillie. When the ring gets stuck on Tillie’s finger, they negotiate the deal and pretend to act like a couple. The couple thing takes a serious turn when they find they are attracted to each other. Blake slowly figures out from his discussion with Tillie that she is a virgin, and so wants to treat her more gently.

Tillie has had a fairly nice and sedate childhood. Her father is a vicar, and they moved often, and he is currently in Uganda with her stepmother, her biological mother died giving birth to her. She has been brought up thinking that love is the way in which to deal with things. Blake, on the other hand, watched as his beloved mother died almost in front of him and watched as his father fell into depression. He just wants to make things better for his father.

This is a fairly sweet story. The playboy meets the virgin. Blake isn’t the playboy he is made out to be but doesn’t do long term relationships, just in case. Naturally, Tillie is the woman who will turn his world and thinking upside down. Tillie breaks up with him because she loves him but he needs to find out how much Tillie means to him. This comes through in the connection the two characters have together.

A great read.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.


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