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Feature book: Lady of Silver

10 January 2018

Lady of Silver by Shona Husk

She is one of a dying race and must keep the secret. But with these murders, she needs to expose herself.

Saba Venn is a psychic, well she is actually an Albah, but for the sake of hiding her origins and a somewhat normal life, she practices as a psychic. As an Albah, elf like, she has air as her element, and she can use it to help her look into the possibilities for her clients. There is one step she is reluctant to do but finds that she needs to do this catch a killer. Saba has found her niche in life to fly under the radar but this will bring her to the attention of a killer, and to the detective charged with investigating the murder.

Dale Morgan is a policeman who is cynical about magic and particularly psychics. He has to meet the source of another officer and is reluctant as he thinks that officers shouldn’t have to use psychics to find clues in a case. This case is unusual as there have been no clues. And he needs a break in the case. When he goes to her store, Dale connects to Saba on a different level but he tries to keep it all business.

Saba goes with him to the morgue to look at a victim. She does a blood spell that connects her with the murderer, a vampire once an Albanex. The Albanex also connects with her and is able to track her movements and finds her store and home. He sends his minions to deal with her and he comes close. The death of the vampire comes from an unexpected source.

I’m not normally a paranormal reader, although I have select authors I do read in this genre. I read this story with a sense of ‘I so hope I enjoy this book’. And I really did. I read it in almost one sitting.

I liked the connection between Saba and Dale. I also liked his sense of initial distrust but when Saba was in trouble, he had to get through that barrier. It is what you would do for the one you loved no matter what they were like.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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