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Introducing Weekly Musings

6 January 2018

This month saw the introduction of the ‘Weekly Musing’ posts on our members’ loop and Facebook group.

We will be having weekly discussions about the world of the romance and all of its sub-genres. This will include such things as our favourite authors, book recommendations, common elements found in each genre, and even the tropes we love and hate. There may even be a picture or two of our favourite covers.

Juliette will be heading these weekly postings and for our first discussion we talked about what a romance book is to you, our ultimate hero/heroine, the first romance we ever read, and romance awards and publishers.

Next month we will be exploring contemporary romance, including chick lit, romantic comedy and category/series romance.

If you would like to join in the discussions, join us on our Facebook Group.

Below is the first weekly musing:

Hi everyone,

Over the next couple of months ARRA would like you to join us in a weekly musing about the romance genre. As you can guess these discussions will be posted every week on a Thursday. They will be used in a future and very exciting #SecretProject for ARRA.

We would like your participation as we work our way A to Z (not necessarily in order) through the different genres of romance.

Let’s start a discussion each week about what comes to your mind and what it means to you when we talk about the different genres, images, book recommendations, favourite authors, tropes etc.

To start this off I will introduce myself: ‘Hi, my name is Juliette and I am a romance junkie!’ My favourite romance sub-genres would have to Regency, paranormal, rock and sports romance, although it will change depending on my mood. My favourite authors of all time would have to be Nalini Singh, Kylie Scott and Stephanie Laurens.

What is a romance book to you? Must it have a HEA or HFN?

I admit my first thought used to be Mills & Boon when I heard people mention romance books. Now I know better and there is a whole world and sub-genres to it. But personally I think that it’s not a romance book unless it has a Happily Ever After or a Happy For Now ending.

What are your favourite covers? The bodice rippers of the 80s or today’s more subtle covers, or perhaps it is the headless and topless male models?

I love all the different covers but my absolute favourites have to be the historical novel covers, anything with a step-back cover! Boy do they make me swoon! A dream of mine is to be on the cover of a romance novel.


Who are your ultimate hero/heroine?

Mr Darcy must be at the top of the list! I have never heard of a romance lover not loving Mr Darcy, but if you are one of those people who don’t think too highly of this god, let us know. We will not judge you.

A heroine is much harder for me to just pick one. Basically for me it is any strong, independent woman in the novels as long as they aren’t TSTL (too stupid to live), like trying to put out an out-of-control house fire with the garden hose. Sigh this has still scarred me …

Who got you into romance and what was the first romance you read?

Mine was by Juliet Landon. I had just turned 18 and picked it up while on a trip to New Zealand. Mills & Boons had been mentioned in the book I was analysing for English, Deadly Unna, and it made me want to know what these books were all about. Let’s say this kicked off a life-long love affair!

What awards do you associate with romance books?

I’m not that aware of the different awards that romance books can get, but the ones I know about are: ARRA, RUBY, RITA, NY Times best-selling. Let me know what others there are; I know I’m surely missing a few.

What publishers do you associate with the romance genre?

Of course my first thought will always be Harlequin Mills & Boon, this is because, as I have mentioned before, they were my first introduction into the romance world. Now I know about Hachette, Avon, Grand Central Forever, Kensington. How many can you think of? There has been an uprising of the indie publisher. Do you read many indie books or do mainly stick to the conventional publishing houses?

What are your must-reads/recommendations of the romance genre?

This is a harder question than people may think. My first reaction is to ask what category you are talking about, so perhaps we should discuss these more in depth over the coming weeks. If you are like me, your must-reads will depend on what genre we are talking about.

Until next week, happy reading!

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