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Guest blogger: Ellie Jean

22 October 2017

Entering this world of romance novel writing has been daunting and scary, but also so very exciting and rewarding. I must admit, I have been overwhelmed by the great community of authors, bloggers and people who genuinely care to support writers on this journey in this wide world of romance genre.

Having a love of reading romance novels, I found I was reading quickly the books I loved and then I branched off into MC romance novels, erotica and also dark romance stories. I have a great love for them all. After having studied for many years, reading text book after text book, it was so refreshing to be able to read for enjoyment once again.

I soon found myself immersed in all things romance, and because I and free time on my hands now, I thought I would challenge myself to see if I could write a romance novel.

After deliberating with myself for a few months, I finally thought I’d give it a go and started typing one day. This lead to a weekend and then every weekend and chance I got for a few months until my husband finally asked me what was taking all of my time on the computer?

Yes, that’s right, I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing in case it was a flop and I never finished it. My husband shrugged his shoulders and said ‘that’s nice’ and left me to my computer, only registering months later that I was actually writing a novel. I’ve tried to keep the subject matter, the alpha male, the hot sex and descriptive details to myself so he doesn’t get any funny ideas! Crazy I know!

With perseverance, support from other indie authors and groups, I found some beta readers, then an editor, and contacted a formatter to make the book professional and give it the best opportunity I could. After two years, I finally had Sweet Deception completed and ready to launch.

I’m so glad I decided to challenge myself. I’ve made so many genuine friends on this path and I can’t wait to see where it will lead.

If you’re thinking of writing, give it a go. There’s so many people out in the world willing to help and support you and it’s never been easier to self-publish.

Sweet Deception is available from Amazon and is free with Kindle Unlimited. Sweet Redemption, the second part in the duet, will be available soon.

Sweet Deception


I want to be a normal twenty-four year old.

With a normal job. A normal family and a normal relationship.

But I know that it is impossible.

I’m not allowed.


The Boss owns me.

Fooling myself into believing differently plays havoc with my mind. The small reprieve from my normal life has thrown me into a tailspin.

His large powerful hands and the strength and passion he takes me with makes me forget reality.

Devouring my body expertly, making me scream his name over and over is my new favorite pastime. Nothing else matters.

Making me reckless and deceitful.

But he wants me so badly. His words, his touch and his actions show me without a shadow of a doubt.

He protects what is his.

Will I still be his when I reveal my normal life? Or will we both pay for my deception?


My life is routine, busy, dangerous and with little privacy.

I’m consumed with my multimillion dollar ‘Raven Resort and Casino’ unless my family needs my help.

Discreetly, silencing any problems.

My dick, my brain and very quickly my heart has different ideas.

Her curves, the way her body melts under my touch, her voice when I take over her completely and the persistent need to fiercely protect her throws my ordered life into chaos.

I simply can’t get enough of her.

I can tell she is trying to fight us.

She has secrets. But I do too.

There is one thing I know without any confusion – She will be mine…

Debut novel for Ellie Jean for pre-sale now at Amazon.

You can find Ellie Jean here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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