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Feature book: Hot Mess

4 October 2017

Hot Mess by Amy Andrews

How do you forget the one you love?

Logan Knight is a firefighter who is just treading water in life. He loves his job but it is his personal life where he is dependent upon family and friends after his relationship broke down. They were too young. It was too hot. It was too fast. Then one day out the window of the fire station he sees her again. But it may not be her. He races out the door and it is her but she doesn’t remember him. The love of his life does not remember him.

Arabella Tucker had an accident. She has a form of amnesia that may never recover. Her memory loss covers the last nine years of her life, the time she spent with Logan. Logan is determined to help her remember them but despite his desire and his methods, she doesn’t remember their time. Logan is keeping one part from her and she is devastated when she finds out what he has been hiding.

This story is about a return to love. This couple separated during a very difficult time and, as they were young, were not prepared to fight for them. It is a traumatic event that may also tear them apart as adults. Fortunately, they are willing and wanting to be together despite some of the odds. And there is the chemistry between the couple. The desire is too strong, or maybe it is fate, that makes them reconnect. As Logan and Bella sort through their issues, the sex is great.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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