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Release day: Willow Tree Bend

18 September 2017

Today is the official release of Willow Tree Bend by Kaye Dobbie (ebook, Harlequin MIRA Australia). Here’s the blurb:

An interrupted phone call and a mysterious disappearance brings a family’s secret past crashing into the present…

It’s 1969 and small-town girl Faith Taylor longs for the excitement of the city. Leaving her family home in Willow Tree Bend, Faith lands a job at The Angel — Melbourne’s most infamous nightclub. While Faith relishes her new-found freedom, she can’t help but notice that there are some things about the club that don’t add up. So when a policeman shows her a shocking photograph, and reveals that a former waitress was murdered, Faith realises she must help to bring down the shadowy owner behind the club’s activities.

More than thirty years later, what happened at The Angel remains a closely held secret, never spoken about. When Faith disappears, her sister Hope — now a famous movie star — is left with an intriguing, though frustrating, piece of the puzzle. But with a tell-all documentary film crew constantly by her side, how can she find where Faith is — and what she’s hiding — while making sure her own secrets stay hidden?

Faith’s daughter, Sam, is also concerned by her mother’s uncharacteristic behaviour. When she overhears a clue to Faith’s past, she’s determined to unearth the truth. What is the connection between The Angel and Willow Tree Bend? What does Faith’s disappearance mean? And what will happen when the final secret is revealed?

Kaye dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

Willow Tree Bend has two timelines, and tells the story of three generations of women and the secrets that hold them together. The past timeline is set in Melbourne in 1969. I loved researching the 60s, and the music and nightclub scene. There was a dark side to it all, as Faith in my book finds out when she meets Ray, a singer on the way up. The present day story is set in a small country Victorian town, where Sam, Faith’s daughter, is trying to make a success of her gardening business while ignoring her interesting new neighbour. He just happens to be an ex-rock star whose poster used to be on her wall when she was a teenager. As you might have guessed, there is a music theme running through this book!

You can find out more about this book, including the buy links, at Kaye’s website.

  1. 24 September 2017 11:42 am

    Congratulations on the release, Kaye. Sounds like another fab novel and I LOVE the title.

  2. Lynette williams permalink
    19 September 2017 9:13 am

    Congratulations on the release kaye the boOK has just dropped into my kindle LYNW

  3. 18 September 2017 10:34 am

    Thank you ARRA!

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