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Feature book: Husband Rollover

6 September 2017

Husband Rollover by Louise Cusack

Fritha Wynde is a woman who is carefree and doesn’t care what people think about her. She is a woman who has sex with who she wants, no matter their age. At her girlfriend’s wedding, she decides that she wants to find someone who will be there for her just like her girlfriends have. She runs the Bohemian Tea House, which is doing really well and suits her personality until Max comes along and puts a kink in her armour.

Max is a British critic who has come to decide whether the tea house should feature in his next series. What he doesn’t count on is his reaction to Fritha and her no-nonsense attitude. He discovers why she is the way she is and what makes her do what she does. When she decides to stay the night, he discovers a loving and fun side to Fritha that he can’t seem to do without.

Fritha and Max discover that they are both trying to hide behind a facade that people on the outside believe is their true personality. Fritha will meet her match in Max, but Max knows Fritha is the one person who sees him and not the harsh critic. This book takes you on a journey with Fritha and you discover who she really is.

You will laugh and certainly cry throughout this book, but it is worth the journey. Louise Cusack has truly developed four great characters in Louella, Jillian, Angela and Fritha, with each book getting better than the last.

reviewed by Diane

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.


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