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Guest blogger: Georgia Carter Mathers

6 August 2017

All love is a little bit vulnerable!

Have you seen Cobie and Matty on this season’s The Bachelor (AU) yet? They really hit it off on their horseriding date. And I cracked up when Matty’s horse decided he needed to relieve himself on camera. Hilarious.

When Cobie returned to the mansion after horseriding followed by an intimate drink with Matty, the other girls seemed genuinely happy for Cobie. Of course, they would have been disappointed that they hadn’t spent time with Matty as well. But the claws started to come out when Cobie stole time with Matty from another girl. I can understand both points of view. I think Cobie was nervous about what Matty might have been thinking, and that was her downfall. But I can so understand it.

In a romance novel, we’re so focused on the hero and heroine that we don’t notice the other characters so much, and we don’t really see anyone else as significant competitors. We just want to see the hero and heroine fall in love so badly. That’s how I feel about Cobie and Matty, but I’m not sure that they’re really right for each other. Matty comes across as very authentic but self-confident, whereas I feel that Cobie uses humour to cover up her insecurity. Perhaps she’s afraid of rejection. Aren’t we all? I just hope the anxiety settles for Cobie because I’m a little scared it might actually drive Matty away. Who knows? Like everyone, I’m just guessing. I don’t know what has been going on in their heads.

But in another way, isn’t that what romance is all about? Isn’t it about showing vulnerability and letting someone get close enough to see the bad bits as well as the good bits? That’s what happens for Pietah and Kaitlau in Trelloran Seduction. Each of them find a way to live with and overcome their pasts, enough to allow someone else inside.

It is painful seeing Pietah having to let go of the one person he has ever loved. It is painful for him to admit that she is dead—that she is never coming back. So too, it is painful for Kaitlau to admit that she needs to stop putting up barriers against Pietah; she craves his love.

For a while there, I thought that they were never going to get together, especially when Kaitlau pulls the crossbow on Pietah. But then Pietah does something that surprises her. He tells her that there might be a time when they can both find themselves and each other. I think the fact that they are both going through some extreme emotions make it easier for them to connect in some ways; they understand the pain. It hurts so much.

But of course, even though they’ve connected, so many obstacles still exist. And that’s the way it should be, because if love isn’t tested then how can you call it real love?

And when it comes down to it, Kaitlau has to decide whether she wants to do the hardest thing of all in a relationship—forgive. Time and time again Pietah puts his foot in his mouth and he doubts her.

Trelloran Seduction is a fantasy romance written about Pietah and Kaitlau. Pietah is a human rebel living on Volen, and Kaitlau is a Trelloran nymph princess who can change into anything or anyone. Their love affair is never easy, least of all when Pietah doubts Kaitlau. Can she forgive him? Should she forgive him?

The digital version of the novel is available exclusively to ARRA readers for $0.99 at my website up until 31 August 2017! To get the discount, you must enter the word ‘ARRA’ into the coupon field on checkout! Be sure to get yours while the discount lasts.

Georgia Carter Mathers is a Sydney-based writer and editor. If she is not writing or editing, she is most likely sleeping. You can find Georgia at her website, which is where you can get your ARRA discount.

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  1. Malvina permalink
    6 August 2017 1:26 pm

    Your book sounds amazing Georgia. I haven’t watched the Bachelor but I guess I get the gist from media. Still, they do put themselves out there in a big way. I love romances with high stakes, as yours sounds.

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