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Feature book: Married to the Mum-to-Be

26 July 2017

Married to the Mum-to-Be by Helen Lacey

Their secret is about to become the centre of the town’s gossip, and like a grenade will ignite the feud between two families.

It was a secret until she had to go to hospital. Kayla and Liam have been secretly married for months ever since a trip to Las Vegas. They don’t share a house but do spend a small amount of time together at Liam’s home, but Liam wants them to announce their marriage to all. Kayla is more careful about how she wants to break the news to her family. Liam just doesn’t understand.

Kayla is rushed to hospital and the feud between the Rickards and the O’Sullivans boils over when Derek, Kayla’s father, hears the news of his daughter’s marriage to his enemy’s son. As the story progresses, the reader finds out the reason for the feud and it is nothing like they believed. While Kayla’s family ride the waves, the detail of the feud causes great division in Liam’s family.

Kayla and Liam try to resolve the feud between their families and also try to heal the rift that is forming in their relationship. At times the stress of events might be just too much for the couple to survive. Liam is demanding and expects that Kayla will take his side in things but she is the mediator and tries for the win-win between all parties.

This story is another in the Cedar River Cowboys series. We have a hint of couples who have come before and we are also introduced to some new characters who may choose to stay in the town. And maybe make a match?

The way in which Kayla and Liam deal with each other while their relationship is a secret has added spice for them. It is the fallout from discovery that tests the relationship and also their relationships with family. While there are secrets uncovered, the reader will be cheering them on (even if we know there is a HEA) but will also be interested in how the feud and the situation resolves itself.

I really enjoyed this story.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.

  1. 27 July 2017 4:54 pm

    I loved this story and have just finished the next one in the series and it is very good also 🙂

    Have Fun

  2. 27 July 2017 1:47 pm

    I loved this book! Such a turbulent romance, and the hero is scrumptious.

  3. lynette williams permalink
    27 July 2017 10:10 am

    good review one to be read—-Lyn W

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