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Feature book: The Spanish Tycoon’s Takeover

5 July 2017

The Spanish Tycoon’s Takeover by Michelle Douglas

It will be a loving act for his late grandfather. The chance to have revenge on the woman who cheated at cards to win the hotel from his grandfather.

Wynne Stephens is looking forward to meeting the man who has bought Aggie’s Retreat. She needs the money to pay for her grandmother’s, Aggie, nursing care. Wynne is fine with any changes the owner will make as she will still be the manager. She is concerned about her staff as she has collected staff from various sectors of society including ex-prisoners and people with disabilities.

Xavier Ramos is a hotel tycoon. He has bought Aggie’s Retreat as part of his revenge against Aggie and the manner in which she treated his grandfather. The man he loved and respected the most. Xavier wants to turn it into a luxury resort. He has arrived on the Gold Coast intent on exacting his revenge for his grandfather. He very quickly learns that Wynne is not what he expected and he needs to work around her all while she is getting under his skin.

As the days go on and he learns more about the hotel he becomes more determined. But it is Wynne’s caring nature about her staff, and his son, that has Xavier thinking about other possibilities. It is when he finds out that he will not get any satisfaction from facing Aggie he wonders why he ever thought he should seek revenge. The refurbishment of the hotel is a show of his love for Wynne. And as much as I would love to describe the whole scene for you, I think it is better to read how he shows Wynne he loves her.

For Xavier buying the hotel teaches him many lessons in life. He also finds his son’s nanny is in cahoots with his ex-wife, making sure that Luis is afraid to come near his father. Wynne is able to show him that his son needs him. And for that he is grateful. But it is Wynne herself that makes him be the man he wants to be.

Upon reflection, there are interesting aspects to the story. Wynne as champion for those marginalised by society. There was no temper or insecurity shown by Wynne only focus and determination and I really liked that in this heroine. She didn’t have ‘to stomp her foot’ to get her way, she did it nicely and subtly. It was a great read.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

  1. lynette williams permalink
    5 July 2017 1:39 pm

    have read the book —another winner Michelle—-LynW

  2. 5 July 2017 1:04 pm

    Oh I did love this one as well woohoo 🙂

    Have Fun

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