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Feature book: Changeling Soldier

28 June 2017

Changeling Soldier by Shona Husk

Ella Aaron is a 673-year-old faerie who has spent the last three centuries in the mortal world working as a dress designer to the stars. She takes on one last job before she must return to the faerie realm of Annwyn. She has noticed that Annwyn’s power has started to fade, and she must return before the power shifts, otherwise she’ll be on the wrong side of the veil and die.

Melody is that one last job. Melody is a small-time actress willing to do anything to become a star, even using her life savings on a dress made by Ella Aaron, as all the people who have worn her clothes seem to be extremely lucky.

On this job Ella meets Isaac, Melody’s brother, who is a returned soldier. Ella recognises that Isaac is a changeling on sight. Changelings can see through Glamours and can recognise a faerie on sight as well. However, Isaac is unaware that he is a changeling. He does know that he is different as he dreams of the future. Isaac has been having the same recurring dream for a long time; fighting in a snow covered field that is awash with blue faerie blood. This dream has been intensifying since meeting Ella, and the more he dreams of this battle, the more he learns of what his future holds for him. In his latest dream he has a vision of Ella asking for his soul so that she can keep it safe for him while in Annwyn.

Melody has suspicions that Ella is a faerie, and is intent on capturing her to force Ella to grant her wish of fame. When Melody imprisons Ella, she must find a way to get free. She doesn’t want to make deals with mortals anymore as they never work out for them in the way they intend. However, Melody is willing to bargain with her brother’s soul to get her fame.

Ella accepts and enters Annwyn with Isaac to take his soul. Once they get to Annwyn, the book ends very abruptly. I felt cheated that I missed out on a great battle as it felt like that was what the story was leading up to with Isaac’s dreams. The book is wrapped in a couple of pages and I just felt let down by this. This is definitely a series to read in order to truly appreciate it. I look forward to reading book three to see if this storyline is expanded on.

Reviewed by Juliette

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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