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Feature book: King Tomb

14 June 2017

King Tomb by Scarlett Dawn

King Tomb is the final instalment of the new adult fantasy series Forever Evermore. It is written in the first person. Do not read this book if you have not read the previous two as you will not have enough background to really appreciate it.

This books starts with Queen Lily leading the war in Australia, while hiding her pregnancy. She has no memory of getting pregnant or who the father is due to the memory wipe that was performed on her. She gives birth to a vampire/shifter baby girl, Isa. As Isa is a Hybrid, Antonio helps Lily hide her true nature otherwise she would be killed by the Executioner.

Lily is summoned to Kansas City, USA to help finish the world war between the Mysticals (Mys) and the Commoners (Coms). Kansas City is the base of the King Vampire, Ezra. When she arrives, Lily sneaks onto his base and ends up captured by Ezra. As both Lily and Ezra have no memory of each other, they do not recognise each other. Ezra interrogates her to find out why she has snuck onto his base. During this encounter, they decide they don’t like one another.

During their formal introductions at a dinner, Lily and Ezra figure out that they are the parents of Isa. Lily and Ezra try to come to terms with this revelation and what it means for them in the future considering they have a mutual dislike of each other. They also have to deal with the revelation that they are currently married. The previous Kings are very happy the two have figured this out but as they are still under the spell, none of them are able to talk about it.

Lily sends a previous challenger for her rule on a covert mission to track down the Mys traitor who caused so many of the deaths from the war.

Eventually Jack and Pearl are introduced back into the story when Lily and Ezra make a trip to see them to make plans to finally end the war. On the way they receive a cure for their memory wipe from a mysterious stranger. The four of them must decide if they want to recover their memories of that past year. I was disappointed that we don’t get to see more of Jack and Pearl and what they were up to in the past year.

To end the war, they must go back in time to kill the mastermind behind the attacks, but they are unable to disrupt the actual timeline and events. The book ended with me wanting just more details. I felt that this book needed to be a couple of hundred pages longer to really deal with the storyline properly. It seemed to me that most of it was skimmed on. If the book was just that little bit longer then the storyline could have been dealt with in more detail.

This book is much more mature in the actions of the hero and heroine compared to the others in the series. It continues on with Saga 2, where we follow Isa’s story. I am hesitant to start this series as I was just disappointed in the ending of Saga 1 but I will give it chance.

Reviewed by Juliette

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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