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Feature book: King Cave

7 June 2017

King Cave by Scarlett Dawn

King Cave is the second instalment in the Forever Evermore series. This review will contain spoilers if you haven’t read King Hall; I would recommend reading the first book before this one as you may struggle with the backstory. The sex scenes in the books are also more explicit compared to the first book.

This book picks up with King Hall under attack. This is the action I was looking forward to at the end of the first novel. Jack and Pearl are still unconscious and Antonio must place a spell on them to forget about the tragedy that befell their mates before they wake up to ensure that everyone can travel safely to King Cave.

You learn more about Antonio and his gifts in this instalment. He informs Lily that to get to King Cave, they must travel through the Sound but to do so they must survive the first of three planned waves of attack on King Hall.

With Pearl and Jack spelled, Lily and Ezra lead their factions towards King Cave, on the way Elly makes a reappearance when the red-hooded Coms from Book 1 try to attack the travelling group. Again her appearance is brief which makes me believe that she will definitely have a larger role to play in this series.

When they arrive at King Cave, a sanctuary to the Mysticals in North America, they learn the Coms are attacking Mys worldwide. The Coms have been informed by a Mys traitor that Hybrid Mys are raping Coms to make ‘Beasts’. Beasts are mindless killing machines. The reader also learns that Coms and Mys can’t reproduce but Hybrids and Coms can. This revelation puts Lily in extreme danger from the Mys community again. The Mys believe that Hybrids could potentially want to create Beasts to wage war on the Mys, who want them dead, using the Coms to help through their fear of the Mysticals. This leads Lily to take some drastic actions, and leads to some heartbreak.

While dealing with the prevention and preparation for war, Ezra and Lily must help Jack and Pearl overcome their loss when they reinstated their memory of the attack on King Hall.

In this book, the relationships between the four prodigies grow, mostly focusing on Lily and Ezra. I loved the sexual tension between these two as they continue their friendship while trying to find what that exactly means of them. Will they go against their ‘friendship pact’? Time will tell.

The Prodigies take over the reign from the current Kings and must search for the next prodigies and bring them back to the safety of King Cave, all while they are fighting against the Coms who want them dead. They learn who is the most powerful out of the four of them.

On the search for the new prodigies, Ezra encounters a trap and is seriously injured. Lily goes to drastic measures to save him.

The book ends on another cliff hanger with the new Kings and Queens getting their memories wiped and the rest of the world’s altered. It will be interesting to see if they can regain their memories in the next instalment.

I was a little disappointed that Jack and Pearl didn’t feature much in this book but overall it was another fantastic book by Scarlett Dawn.

Reviewed by Juliette

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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