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Favourite reads: May 2017

5 June 2017

Books_purpleWelcome to our Favourite Reads for May. Each month some of ARRA’s members will tell you a little bit about one of the books they’ve recently read and loved.

These are not full reviews of the books, just honest opinions on why they enjoyed the book so much. Hopefully one of these will strike a chord with you.

So, we asked our members to tell us about some of their favourite reads for May …

The Thing About Love by Julie James (contemporary romance)

I very much enjoyed this latest contemporary romance in the FBI/US Attorney series by Julie James. It features a convincing ‘She said/He said’ retelling of the main characters’ past interactions that is successfully worked into the present-day narrative. There is lots of the author’s usual humour, some necessary re-evaluation of past actions and beliefs and a little bit of heartbreak along the way to the happy ending. I particularly liked that there was nothing dreadfully wrong with these characters that needed fixing – they were just better together. [Deb, NSW]

Taming the CEO by Hayson Manning (contemporary romance)

OMG what a cracker of a story this one is! I couldn’t put it down, between cheering Daisy on and wanting to hit Zan, at times this one had me turning the pages and forgetting about life altogether as these two journey on a very sexy and steamy romp to one hell of a game of twister and a beautiful HEA. This one had me laughing out loud throughout the book Ms Manning has a lovely writer’s voice with emotion and humour. If you have not tried one of hers, I do highly recommend them. [Helen, NSW]

Skin by Kylie Scott (book 2, Flesh series) (post-apocalyptic romance)

This series opened with Flesh (book 1) and Skin (book 2) held its own. Dark, intense and confronting, Skin not only pushes the boundaries of her characters (it’s a kidnap to lovers story) but readers as well. The story took me on an emotional roller coaster ride that was sometimes confronting, most certainly thought-provoking, yet ultimately satisfying. The action is fast-paced and gruesome, the romance compelling and intense. Nick and Rosalyn struggle and deal with the very realistic issues of loneliness and intimacy, redemption and survival in a world where the rules of civilisation no longer exist. [Kylie, NSW]

The Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan (book 4, Game On series) (contemporary romance)

This book features photographer Chess and quarterback Finn. I was intrigued with Chess when she first appeared in the previous book (as the photographer for a naked calendar shoot for the football team), so I was very glad to hear she was getting her own book. Finn was one of the players featured in the photo shoot, and Chess did not like him at all. Which is fine, because Finn is not looking for a relationship. So why does he take every opportunity to wear her down? Turns out Chess might be exactly who he’s been missing in his life. This book made me laugh and made me cry—a great addition to this series. [Debbie, ACT]


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