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Feature book: King Hall

31 May 2017

King Hall by Scarlett Dawn

OMG! What a first book in the series! I did not want to put this down! This is the first book in the new adult fantasy series Forever Evermore and is written in first person.

Lily Ruckler is a wolf shifter sophomore at the mystical school; King Hall University. Even though she is nineteen years old she is not considered an adult until 22. King Hall University is where Shifters, Mages, Vampires and Elementals go to school. Mysticals (Mys) and Commoners (Coms) are schooled separately. I like Ms Dawn’s take on the supernatural where the Coms are aware that Mys exist and vampires don’t burn in the sun.

Lily has best friend Elly who is a weak shifter. Even though Elly is mentioned at the start of the novel she is barely mentioned afterwards. Not sure what her role in the story is but maybe she will reappear in the other books in the series.

Over the summer Lily became mated to Dominic, the next King Shifter. This hasn’t made her popular with the rest of the shifter community at school. Lily is trying to keep a low profile as she is a Hybrid and if any of the Mysticals (Mys) found out they would kill her as Hybrids are considered illegal. She is a wolf shifter and vampire. She has the ability to smell a lie. Being mated to Dominic puts her at risk of exposure.

Every 24 years, four new rulers are born. Everyone at King Hall has been summoned to find out who these new prodigies are going to be. Within the next four years these prodigies are going to take over the King/Queen role of their factions. Dominic is presented as the new Prodigy Shifter. Ezra is Prodigy Vampire; Jack is Prodigy Elemental; and Pearl is Prodigy Mage. Lily, Dominic, and the other prodigies and friends go out to party after the ceremony. Lily decides to leave early with the other prodigies and is attacked on the way home by men in red hooded robes. During this incident she loses consciousness. When she wakes up she finds out that Dominic has died and that being mated, his power has shifted to her and she is the new shifter prodigy.

This puts Lily in extreme danger of discovery. As part of being the new Prodigy Shifter, she must perform Awakenings with Ezra, Pearl and Jack. Hybrids are not known to be able to do this. An Awakening is bringing a new Mys into their power, if the Kings/Queens are unable to perform Awakenings together then that means death for a Mys and this in turn would mean the end of the Mys race. Can Lily perform an awakening? Or will the kings need to kill her? Will her friends turn on her? I loved how the book had already got me questioning what was happening from the start!

Lily forms a very close bond with the other prodigies, this is frowned upon by all Mys factions. Never before have the Kings and Queens been this close. Not sure what her relationship with Ezra is going to develop into as he keeps calling her ‘sweetheart’ but I am interested in finding out!

As more warring occurs between the Mys and Coms, the President of the USA offers a solution of marriage between the two races. Lily is attacked again after turning down the proposal and the Kings vow revenge. The Prodigies are targeted by Coms and so must be guarded at all times, and an Elite guard is formed. This makes Lily question things about herself and those around her.

The books ends in a cliff hanger where Lily and her friends are attacked at their graduation. Two of the people close to her suffer extreme misfortune from this attack; forcing them all to go on the run to keep safe.

You will definitely want to read the next instalment to find out what happens next to Lily and her fellow prodigies.

Reviewed by Juliette

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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