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Feature book: Scorched

24 May 2017

Scorched by Erica Hayes

Scorched is the first book in the Sapphire City series written by Erica Hayes. It is written in the first-person and is ‘super-hero’ urban fantasy.

Scorched is set in a world where the citizens of Sapphire City are either augmented or not, meaning they have supernatural abilities like telekinesis and invisibility. The augmented wear masks while using their powers as they are feared by the population who don’t have powers.

Verity Fortune is a 31 year old freelance journalist but her secret identity is the crime fighter ‘The Seeker’ who has telekinetic/force bending powers. While trying to save her father from her arch-nemesis ‘Razorfire’, she is abducted and placed into a mental asylum where she has her memory erased. Verity is tormented by memories that she doesn’t know if they are real or were planted by the people who captured her. This consumes her and makes her set out for revenge on all the people who have hurt her.

When Verity escapes she sets fire to the asylum and goes to FortuneCorp which is owned by her family. FortuneCorp is a front for fighting evil, particularly ‘The Gallery’; the local gang of villains. Verity’s whole family works in the company and they all have augmentative powers. Her brother Adonis has ‘Charisma’ and works in PR. Equity, their sister has ‘Photonic power’ is running for mayor of Sapphire City. Verity thinks she will be safe returning to FortuneCorp but she uncovers a conspiracy within her own family and now she is on the run by herself, being hunted by the ones she thought she would have been safe with.

After a violent confrontation with her siblings she is nearly abducted again but a mysterious masked stranger, ‘Glimmer’, saves her. Not knowing who to trust and having nowhere safe to go, she teams up with Glimmer to hunt for the truth about the night she was abducted.

While on the run she also learns that Razorfire is planning to release a neurotoxin into the city. Verity must don the mask of ‘The Seeker’ once more in an effort to take down Razorfire and stop his nefarious plans in its tracks.

Glimmer helps Verity unravel and remember what happened to her the night she was captured while trying to save the world from Razorfire. However, Verity is still burning with revenge and walks a thin line on the balance of good and evil. Will this consume her? Can she take down Razorfire? Who is out to silence her once and for all? Who in her family wants her dead? Is there anyone she can trust at all?

Scorched keeps giving you twists and turns, making you question if you have figured out who it is at the bottom of the conspiracy laid before you before making you change your mind again and again. A fantastic read and I can’t wait to read the second book in the series.

Reviewed by Juliette

A review copy of the book was provided by the author.

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  1. 24 May 2017 9:56 am

    I’m reading this book now, almost halfway through. Liking it so far.

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