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Feature book: The Governess was Wicked

17 May 2017

The Governess was Wicked by Julia Kelly

A governess relies on her reputation. They are the women at the top of their field. These three woman are friends through their work and their circumstance.

Elizabeth is the epitome of elegance as a governess. She is very strict in her strictures and determined to provide the best education for her charges. She is in a house where the employers are not the most caring and sharing people. They are more concerned about appearances and where this is likely to take them, into the elite circles via any connection. One of the girls has been pretending to be sick so the doctor can come to the house. While Elizabeth is concerned about any illness, she doesn’t mind seeing the good doctor. Then the girls get scarlet fever, and the parents leave the house with the baby, and heir, leaving Elizabeth to care for the two girls. She is exhausted which is noticed by the doctor.

Edward Fellowes is new to being a doctor. He is keen to look at new ideas and will be travelling to America to advance his knowledge. He really likes Elizabeth but is reluctant to push her. He can’t wait until he sees her again. An indiscretion with the doctor leads to Elizabeth being fired. Edward finds he wants Elizabeth more than the internship in America but first he has to find her.

This was a great and quick read. Both the characters are likeable although a little frustrating at times especially when Edward needs to convince Elizabeth of his affection and love for her. It is her friends who convince Elizabeth to take the chance. I would like something to happen to the two hypocrite employers, but that may be another time.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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