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Feature book: Dancing on Air

3 May 2017

Dancing on Air by Nicole Hurley-Moore

Dancing on Air is a ‘sweet’ Cinderella-type story set in London in 1884 (Victorian romance) about an eighteen-year-old ballerina, Lisette, who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina for the Imperial Theatre.

Lisette is under the tutelage of her scheming Aunt Marie, who is cast in the wicked stepmother role, but she does have some redeeming qualities. Marie is a very strict instructor to Lisette and doesn’t think twice about striking her if she thinks Lisette is not performing to perfection.

While dancing on stage for the Imperial Theatre, Lisette catches the eye of 24-year-old Lord Evander Gainsworth, who is the second son of a duke, and Lord Vincent de Vale.

Lord de Vale has a history of using the dancers at the Imperial Theatre for his dark needs and now he has his eye on Lisette. He feels like he must possess her and will stop at nothing to have her.

Evander wants to make Lisette his mistress as he cannot see how they could marry as society would never accept them as a couple. Lisette is hesitant to start a relationship with Evander as she does not want to become any man’s mistress. She has seen her fellow ballerinas fall into the trap of falling for a gentleman, only to be used and have their hearts broken once the gentleman’s attention turned to someone else. She sees marriage as the only possible outcome.

This book keeps the Cinderella trope fresh, with a few plot twists and turns that you don’t see coming as the couple make their way toward their happy ever after.

The only criticism of this book is that even though it is set in the Victorian era, you wouldn’t know it. The majority of the book takes place within the theatre and not much happens outside of it. The story is a bit light on descriptions, but the dialogue between the hero and heroine is great.

If you have an appreciation for ballet, this book will be en-pointe with you. (Sorry for the pun, but I couldn’t help myself!) You may struggle with a few technical terms if you don’t have a knowledge of the ballet world, but this does not distract from the book in any way.

A great story to be added to your reading list.

Reviewed by Juliette A

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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