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Publisher pitch: Tule Publishing, May 2017

2 May 2017

Tule PublishingTule Publishing brings you the best in commercial fiction, from romance to chick-lit to compelling women’s fiction. Whether you’re in the mood for sexy or sweet, Tule bring you fresh, modern and exciting plots and beloved classic romance.

Tule has over 80 authors who have unique styles, terrific voices and have helped us grow to house over 300 titles, and garner eight RITA® nominations and one win in three years.

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This May, enjoy our new releases with titles from our Montana Born, Southern Born, Texas Born and Holiday imprints.

Falling for the Hometown Girl by Shelli Stevens (contemporary, Western). Hunter has always struggled to find his place. Now, somewhat reluctantly, he’s back in his hometown and not looking forward to a week on the cattle ranch. His plan was to just get through the week before returning to Seattle and his million-dollar gaming company. Instead, he finds himself falling for the hometown girl …

The Chocolate Touch by Melissa McClone (contemporary, Western). York’s co-worker may have the chocolate touch, but he’d rather taste her decadent kisses … until he learns the real reason she’s in town. Will the truth harden his heart, or will love pave the way to a sweet future?

Tanner by Sarah Mayberry (contemporary). Tanner knows Evie has slipped under his skin, but she lives in Australia and his future is under a cloud. Can two people with too many reasons to walk away make the bold decision to stay?

A Country Love Song by Sinclair Jayne (contemporary). Dawson doesn’t expect to meet strong and charming resistance from the woman he loved and hasn’t forgotten. Sutter might be vowing to stop the demolition and put his project at risk, but soon, Dawson’s more worried about losing his heart again.

Chase by Barbara Dunlop (contemporary). When Chase and Maddy join forces to help her son, she finds herself falling fast for the sexy, hard-working bull rider—wishing he truly could be the man for Riley, and the man for her.

The Cowboy and the Doctor by Eve Gaddy (contemporary). When Samantha is threatened by a series of incidents, each one more terrifying than the last, she realises that someone doesn’t want her to be happy—with Dylan or anyone else. Can they find the man responsible before his actions turn from dangerous to deadly, and Dylan loses the woman he’s discovering he can’t live without?

Loving the Texas Lawman by Charlene Sands (contemporary). The years have not made it easier for Jack to say no to his first love, but saying yes may threaten all he holds dear. Jack may have a solution: marriage—the temporary kind. And how can Jillian refuse a marriage proposal from her one-time love?

Hot Mess by Amy Andrews (contemporary). Firefighter Logan Knight thinks it’s fate when he meets Arabella Tucker again, nine years after their brief, intense relationship ended. Until he realises that Bella doesn’t recognise him and all of their memories together are completely erased from her memory. Bella may be oblivious to their history but she can’t deny their scorching chemistry and the possibility of a future with the mystery man from her past. But when Bella starts to uncover the truth, she is shocked by the revelations. Can she move beyond the hurt of her shared history with Logan and begin their new story?

Casey by Kelly Hunter (contemporary). Can TJ really score the championship and the girl? Or will he have to choose between the two … once and for all?

Kiss Me at Willoughby Close by Kate Hewitt (contemporary, women’s fiction). Jace Tucker is the over-the-top sexy caretaker of Willoughby Manor, and he can see beneath Ava’s glamour-girl act to the hurt she’s been hiding for so long. She has secrets for a reason—and so does he. The last thing she needs right now is a fling with a man who hides a past as regrettable as her own. Can Willoughby Close work its everyday magic on a woman like Ava? And when the past comes calling for both her and Jace, will they have to answer for their previous mistakes?

Burning Both Ends by Sinclair Jayne (contemporary). Lock and Dare ignite one night of smouldering passion he can’t forget. But before he can call for a second date, Dare strolls into his station, newly assigned to him for three months. Lock knows he has to keep his hands to himself. He never breaks the rules. Dare, however, never heard a rule she didn’t want to shatter.

Cody by Megan Crane (contemporary). Cody Galen joined the American Extreme Bull Riders Tour to make money, not friends. He enjoys whiskey, winning, and women and he doesn’t care who he pisses off while he pursues the hell out of all three. He knows that Skylar is no buckle bunny, but if she wants to play that role, who is he to argue? Neither one of them is looking for anything lasting. But there’s only one thing more dangerous than riding bulls—and that’s love.



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