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Guest blogger: Nancy Lee Badger

30 April 2017

Scottish kisses, fairy pools and Smolder

My latest book series is set on the island of Skye, off the western shores of the Scottish mainland. I love using actual locations, and Skye met my purposes for my Clan of Dragon series. Scotland has always intrigued me, and its harsh beauty is world-renowned. I discovered that Skye is famous for its Black Cuillin Hills and fairy pools. While researching fairy pools, I discovered these facts: wolves, red stags, wild boar, pine martens, and seals lived on Skye in greater numbers than today, and I include them in my series.

The Black Cuillin Hills are the perfect paranormal backdrop to the pools, which legend says were created by fairies. Science tells us that melting snow, heading downstream from these jagged peaks, carved and weathered the stones, leaving several pools. Though cold most of the year, visitors strip down to their bathing gear to dive among the waterfalls and swim beneath the water-carved arches. Legend states that the water has medicinal qualities, giving whoever swims in it, or drinks it, the power to heal whatever ails them.

I use this mythology in Smolder, the third book in my Clan of Dragons series, when my hero suffers an arrow to his shoulder. Smolder, released 13 March, is my thirteenth Scottish paranormal novel. Did I mention I was born on a Friday the 13th? A little fairy told me when to release the book, and to continue writing about this fabulous island, and its fantastic fairy pools.

An excerpt, to give you a sense of how I include fairy pools in Smolder:

“Dougal! Listen to me! These waters have healing properties. You must believe in the magic for it to work. Please?”

“Magic? Be you daft?” Even as the words tripped over his tongue, he thought about Vika and her medicinal herbs. She swore they kept her healthy, and he had witnessed her apply a healing poultice to her brother’s various injuries. If bits of crushed flower buds and weeds could heal injuries, why not the clean, clear water of a fairy pool?

“Fine, Fiona, but how will I know the damage be healed enough for me to shift? I cannot return to the village on foot, or naked.”

“I like you naked,” she whispered.

Speechless, all he could do was stare at her.

“The body you chose complements your stag. Why do you look like your brothers? Be you all from the same herd?”

Herd? She thought he was a stag-shifter? “I fear the truth will frighten you, lass.”

“I be stronger than you think.” She kissed his cheek, then dove beneath the surface. The clarity of the pool allowed him to follow her with his eyes. She swam beneath a stone arch, and surfaced in another pool.

Smolder: A dragon-shifter in pain wants nothing more than to fly, and he sure as hell kneels to no one.

Nancy Lee Badger loves chocolate-chip shortbread, wool plaids wrapped around the trim waist of a Scottish Highlander, the clang of broadswords, and the sound of bagpipes in the air. After growing up in Huntington, New York, and raising two handsome sons in New Hampshire, Nancy moved to North Carolina where she writes full-time. Nancy is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, Triangle Association of Freelancers, and the Celtic Heart Romance Writers. Nancy and her family volunteer each fall at the New Hampshire Highland Games surrounded by … kilts!

You can find Nancy Lee here: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

  1. 2 May 2017 3:07 pm

    Wonderful post and excerpt. Celtic blood flows in my veins, and I feel an affinity with your topic. Hope you have fabulous sales!

  2. rediseult permalink
    1 May 2017 11:29 am

    Great post, Nancy! I agree, Scottish islands are the perfect setting for paranormal romance. I’ve been to Mull & Iona, but not Skye. Maybe someday. 🙂


    • 2 May 2017 2:58 am

      You and me both. After the beauty of living in both the White Mountains and the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, North Carolina pales in comparison. I wished I lived closer to its beautiful beaches or its haunting mountains. Scotland and Australia trips are on my ‘Bucket List’.

  3. 1 May 2017 8:31 am

    What a great visual was presented in that video showing the faerie pools. I confess I have read all of your books. The Clan of Dragons series has been my favorite so far.

  4. 1 May 2017 12:06 am

    To see the beauty of Skye’s fairy pools, I recommend this video, which helped in my research of SMOLDER…

  5. 30 April 2017 4:42 pm

    To transcribe that junk – I loved that photo!

  6. 30 April 2017 4:40 pm

    You makes me want to go there to Skye. Even though I don’t enjoy cold weather! Thanks for sharing Nancy. Let v to gat photo. There could he faeries there…
    Best wishes, Jay.

    • 30 April 2017 11:52 pm

      Thank you for your comments. I, too, wish I could visit Skye, but I used research at to see actual videos of people visiting the fairy pools.

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