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Release day: Prophecy Awakened

25 April 2017

Today is the official release of Prophecy Awakened by Tamar Sloan (book 1, Prime Prophecy) (ebook, Clean Reads). Here’s the blurb:

On the first day of her new school all that shy, wounded Eden wants is to finish her senior year and escape to college. It can’t be too much to ask for, can it?

Noah has spent two years not knowing why he failed to come of age as every one of his ancestors has. Two years drifting aimlessly, searching for direction…

When the two meet the connection is instantaneous and undeniable. A connection that has Eden running and Noah burning to know more.

A connection destined to be the catalyst for a prophecy that neither knew existed.
A prophecy others are willing to kill for.

As families rupture and struggle to realign, as their hearts connect and ignite, Eden learns to trust. But with their love and life on the line, Eden must find the power to believe.

Prophecy Awakened is the first book in Tamar Sloan’s Prime Prophecy Series. If you enjoyed Stephanie Meyer, Lauren Kate or Maggie Stiefvater, then you’ll love a series that captures their best traits in an epic, captivating story of a love that defies boundaries.

Tamar dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

Prophecy Awakened came to me in a dream (so cliche, right?). But it was a beautiful dream. There was moving scenes of a boy who never came of age like everyone everyone of his kind has. It was a story about the girl who has wounds of her own (and totally underestimates her potential) and the power of their connection. A connection powerful enough to spark Noah’s change, and to challenge Eden’s beliefs. And it was an idea that wouldn’t go away. So Prophecy Awakened was conceptualised and created. It has all the elements of an epic love story; it is faced paced and thrilling, it has a delightful dose of humour and wit, and ultimately it is touching and moving and beautiful. I’m looking forward to hearing what readers think of it.

You can find out more about this book at Tamar’s website or buy it from Amazon.

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  1. stevenjayhicks permalink
    25 April 2017 12:45 pm

    Congratulations Tamar. The power of dreams…. But how do you remember them? I can’t drag myself out of the fug enough to write them down. Best wishes, Jay.

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