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Feature book: Fairway to Heaven

19 April 2017

Fairway to Heaven by Lily Malone

When Jennifer Gates arrives to surprise her partner, Jack Bannerman, at the golf club where he works, she is the one who receives the biggest surprise. Finding Jack giving one of his students an inappropriate private lesson, she flees to her best friend’s house where her son, Sebastion, is being babysat. Emmy suggests that Jennifer head down the coast and stay in her family’s holiday house at Geographe Bay. So the next morning Jenn and Seb head south, but when they reach their destination they find the house is already occupied by Brayden Culhane, Emmy’s brother, and the man who Jenn had had a large crush on before meeting Jack.

Brayden sees no problem with Jenn and Seb staying with him. He has been hiding out from his sister after he was involved in a car accident through his work in the mines in the north of Western Australia. A person was critically injured and Brayden is concerned the man will die and he could face serious charges. His protective side is also brought out when he discovers the full reason as to why Jenn has come to stay. When Brayden has to return to work the bond between Jenn and Brayden is re-established, and he has also won over Seb.

Jenn finds herself beginning to relax but the more time she spends away from Jack, the more questions she has about what she should do. She also finds herself comparing Jack and Brayden, with Brayden coming out the winner. Slowly her guilt over this begins to fade and she finds herself deciding to relocate to the Busselton area with Seb. When Jack and his mother arrive to talk and to see Seb, her decision is not received well. The meeting deteriorates further when Brayden and Emmy arrive to stay for the weekend. When Jack’s mother discovers the reason for the breakup she becomes more supportive of Jenn and tries to guide Jack so the break can stay amicable.

Over the weekend, the friends assist Jenn to work out how she wants to handle the break up and custody. Jenn finds herself becoming increasingly attracted to Brayden. As her barrier to a new relationship lessens, Brayden’s barriers grow as he finds out the injured man has died and he is to be charged with dangerous driving causing death. Can Jenn and Brayden have a relationship or is there always going to be a barrier of some type that keeps them apart? As Jenn begins to work towards building her new life with Seb, she increasingly wants to share it with Brayden too, but is concerned it will never happen.

Ms Malone has written a sweet romance in a scenic location that provides some very interesting and romantic moments. This is a romance for readers who want to cheer on their leading characters, enjoy a cute baby, and who like great secondary characters that make you laugh. West Australian readers will also enjoy the opportunity to read a great romance in a local setting, while non–West Australians won’t be disappointed either. Malone is published by Escape, so I recommend downloading a copy and then finding a cool spot with a cold drink and start reading. I’ll be looking for other titles by Ms Malone.

Reviewed by Tracey T

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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    19 April 2017 5:28 pm

    Good review one to read LynW

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