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Guest blogger: Leesa Bow

9 April 2017

Growing up heavily involved in sport, it seemed only natural to incorporate athletic characters into my stories. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m writing about family. Team sports have no room for selfishness. Like family, you have to consider others. ‘There is no I in TEAM’ was taught to players from a young age.

Elite athletes give up much of their social lives to dedicate to their chosen sport. Their first training of the day begins early hours of the morning, while we are sleeping in our comfy beds, pushing their bodies to the limit to a point many want to throw up. Their bodies hurt, and they are psychologically challenged. Doubt always threatens to creep in. An elite athlete needs to be strong physically and mentally.

The team comes first. Always. So finding love is no easy feat. The long hours of training, meetings, along with other team commitments results in many lonely nights for a partner.

So when I write about elite athletes the heroine needs to be patient and understanding for the relationship to work. For many athletes there is always ‘history’. Inspired by real life people and events, I try to incorporate some truth into my stories to keep it realistic. But I will never tell what really happened and to whom.

That’s my secret.

Leesa’s new release Winning the Game will be out 17 May 2017. Caught Out is available now.

Winning the Game

When Tori Winchester signs up to mentor Contest’s new reality star and famous bad-boy footballer Rhett Williams, she finds herself drawn to his softer side no one else gets to see.

But will she risk her career and break a contract for a chance at love and happiness?

Caught Out

Reeling from heartbreak, Ava Walters wants only to give her son a good life. When her first and only love, cricket superstar and the father of her child, appears in her restaurant, panic consumes her.

If he finds out her secret, it could destroy all trust and tear them apart forever. Or is this a second chance at love?

Leesa Bow is a nurse, saleswoman, and writer. Raising four daughters, all elite basketballers, and a wife to a footballer husband, writing often took place in the car out the front of trainings.

Leesa loves to take long walks along the beach, dine out with friends in cafés, or be seen visiting a winery or two in the Adelaide Hills.

A recent move to Brisbane offers new adventures, new places to discover, and a football game completely different to the style she grew up with.

You can find Leesa at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Amazon

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  1. 11 April 2017 5:30 pm

    I love a good sports-based romance – adding this to my TBR pile!

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