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Feature book: Wild Horse Springs

29 March 2017

Wild Horse Springs by Jodi Thomas

As always, Ms Thomas intertwines in her stories three tales of love and in this book it is new love, lust to love, and unrequited love.

Thatcher Jones is the common aspect to these stories. He seems to be the hapless young man who is always in trouble. The whole town is behind him and wants him to do well. In this story, he is in jail and everyone tries to makes sure he doesn’t have a record so he can continue studying. Thatcher has had a difficult life but he always wins through with his street smarts. In the long run, I cannot wait until Thatcher finds his match. But I digress.

The first thread involves the sheriff. To the town of Crossroads, Dan Brigman is their solid and no-frills sheriff. He is reliable and good to have around in a crisis.

Dan Brigman has found his Cinderella. Well, he finds her boot on the road and manages to trace the owner to a local bar where Brandi is the new, and popular, singer. Dan is very attracted to Brandi and plans to woo her the old-fashioned way. Brandi is prepared to be wooed by the ‘sheriff with the honest eyes’, as she calls him. It has been a long time since he has felt attracted to any woman, as his job keeps him busy, and it also keeps him away from Brandi when they try to get together.

The second thread is the two rangers. Cody Winslow had to fall down a canyon to meet his love. Cody, a Texas Ranger, was riding the range when his horse stopped suddenly and he tumbled down the canyon. At the bottom was Tess Adams, a park ranger, who was out camping with a small group of girls. Tess makes sure he is fine but Cody makes sure she stays by his side, even telling a nurse that she is his wife. Tess then begins to organise Cody’s life while he is in hospital, and while there is some initial discomfort (what is wrong with a messy place?) from Cody, he comes to accept that this is Tess.

The third thread involves Lauren, the sheriff’s daughter. She has loved Lucas Reyes since she was fifteen but with all the mistiming over the years for them to get together, she finally decides it is best to just ignore him. Tim O’Grady says he is in love with Lauren but she says they are friends only. As the story progresses there is more fleshing out to this thread of the story and it will be interesting to follow to find out what happens between these three.

I always enjoy Ms Thomas’s small town stories and the threads that wind through the story. The characters seem likeable and so real. These characters are the type that make you want to cheer for them (but not the bad guys). Another great story by Ms Thomas.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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  1. Lynette williams permalink
    29 March 2017 9:24 am

    I have not read this book but as Jodi writes such good books this review reads like another winner LynW

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