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Feature book: Whispers at Wongan Creek

15 March 2017

whispers-at-wongan-creekWhispers at Wongan Creek by Juanita Kees

There is much activity, and many things whispered about in the town of Wongan Creek but those whispers are about to become shouts.

Travis Bailey is a farmer and sometime bull rider. He is in the coveted group of males who live in the town, and those with a daughter want him in their family. Travis is juggling a lot of balls in the air and is terrified one will fall and he will not be able to adopt his niece. Casey became his when his twin sister died. He also needs to deal with Harry, his neighbour, who seems to be starting the journey in Alzheimer’s. He still mourns his sister’s death and despairs at the rift with his parents.

Heather Penney is new to the area, as the social worker who is assessing Travis’s application for adoption. Her mother died of motor neurone disease and she is afraid that she may have the gene. She is afraid to do the tests to find out. From the start, Heather finds Travis attractive but does not want to get into relationship if she is going to die.

As the events circle around them, death, gold, murder, Travis and Heather try and deal with them the best they can but when Zac Bannister, the town bully, starts causing trouble, they find they need the united front and help from others.

This is a nice story of two people trying to overcome obstacles in their life. These obstacles may be big or small but they overshadow the positives about what they might have. Sometimes the solutions are simple, sometimes a little more work, and in this case the HEA happened for this pair.

I really enjoyed this story.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

  1. 15 March 2017 10:42 pm

    Thank you for the lovely review, Heather 🙂 So glad you enjoyed this story.

  2. 15 March 2017 8:52 pm

    lovely review Helen 🙂 I loved this story too about Travis and Heather.

  3. 15 March 2017 8:57 am

    Another fabulous story I loved this one 🙂

    Have Fun

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