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Feature book: Pursuing Lord Pascal

15 February 2017

pursuing-lord-pascalPursuing Lord Pascal by Anna Campbell

He needs money. He needs to marry. And marry well.

Gervaise Darce, Earl Pascal is returning to the fray to find a wife to help repair his inheritance. And he has spotted his prey. But he is also the target of the mamas who want their daughter to marry a titled man.

Amy, Lady Mowbray, is a widow. She is known for work in animal husbandry thanks to her, now dead, husband. Amy and her friends, Morwenna and Sally, have resurrected the Dashing Widows. All three women will be joining the season to enjoy themselves after emerging from their mourning period. However, Amy had a crush on Pascal when she was fourteen, so wonders at his interest in her, after all this time, as she doesn’t think she is anything special.

Pascal finds that Amy attracts his attention and she becomes his target. He then pulls out all of his tricks to try and woo Amy. Amy tries to keep her distance from Pascal and he becomes despondent that he can’t get through to her. But a discussion with her friend makes her change her mind and she falls beneath Pascal’s spell.

I really enjoy the Dashing Widows series and was happy to see that there is a new set of widows with a happy ever after and a soulmate to love them. It is really nice to see the next generation. Another great story by Ms Campbell.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. 15 February 2017 10:24 am

    Thanks, Heather. Really glad you enjoyed my story.

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