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Favourite reads: Jan 2017

5 February 2017

Books_purpleWelcome to our Favourite Reads for January. Each month some of ARRA’s members will tell you a little bit about one of the books they’ve recently read and loved.

These are not full reviews of the books, just honest opinions on why they enjoyed the book so much. Hopefully one of these will strike a chord with you.

So, we asked our members to tell us about some of their favourite reads for January …

Omens by Kelley Armstrong (book 1, Cainsville series) (paranormal fantasy)

omensI bought this book after hearing Kelley’s keynote speech at the 2015 Australian Romance Readers Convention in Canberra. I loved her so much that I got her to sign the book! It’s a fantastic first book in the series. It can be read as a standalone but it’s that intriguing and will have you hooked that you will want to read the rest of the series! [Juliette, Vic]

The Long Paddock by Alissa Callen (contemporary romance)

the-long-paddockThis a beautiful moving and emotional story that shows us the love of the small town country community what they go through in times of drought and storms and when loved ones health is causing problems how they step up and help. Ms Callen has written a magical story that had me turning the pages to see Denham Rigby champion bull rider and Cressida Knight cowgirl journey to a second chance HEA. Ms Callen brought these characters (and not just human characters) and the town of Woolea to life and this is one I highly recommend. [Helen, NSW]

Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourn (historical mystery)

a-curious-beginningMy recommendation this month is for Deanna Raybourn’s new historical mystery series. There are only two books so far, A Curious Beginning and A Perilous Undertaking. Starring Veronica Speedwell, a bold lepidopterist (butterfly collector) and Victorian-era spinster (though emphatically NOT a virgin) and her long-suffering male sidekick, former explorer and hero, Stoker, the books are fun, delightful romps. If anyone’s read Elizabeth Peters’ wonderful Crocodile on the Sandbank, Veronica Speedwell is a chip off the Amelia Peabody block. And if you haven’t read that book, grab it now! [Anne G, Vic]

The Horse Mistress Collection by RA Steffan (fantasy romance)

horse-mistressThis is a fantasy-romance four-book collection set in a captivating, medieval-type world of kingdoms and tribes (akin to Druidic Britain around the time of the Roman invasion). The main characters are a shape-shifter, eunuch-priest, a warrior-leader and a horse-apprentice heroine who struggles to come to terms with being a man in a woman’s body. The series follows their bi-sexual romance (yes, it’s M/M/F) and their individual issues and hurdles are as engaging and heart-touching as their combined story. I found myself turning the pages non-stop and thoroughly enjoyed the series. [Kylie, NSW]

When all the Girls have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz (romantic suspense)

when-all-the-girls-have-goneI love JAK books, written in her cool, clean style. This is a great romantic suspense, with Charlotte and Max making a very credible H&H (and excellent crime-solving team). The villain really wasn’t a surprise, it was pretty clear who the unhinged one was from the start. It was just a question of when and how this person would be unmasked … I really liked the set-up at the end for one of Max’s ‘brothers’ to come into his PI business; we’re obviously going to see more of the main characters—and I look forward to that. Thanks JAK, another winner. [Malvina, NSW]

Escaping Mr Right by Avril Tremayne (contemporary romance)

escaping-mr-rightI loved this contemporary romance featuring two believably flawed characters who, perhaps because of those flaws, belong together absolutely. The author has a very engaging voice, and the dialogue is fast and furious and funny. The secondary characters are all interesting and there is particularly good banter between the heroine and her friends. I read this second book in the series first but that was no problem and I am looking forward to reading the first book, Wanting Mr Wrong. [Deb K, NSW]

Moonshadow by Thea Harrison (paranormal romance) (book 1, Moonshadow)

moonshadowThis is a great new arc in the Elder Races series. Sophie Groom inherits a house in England that no one can enter. If she can work out how to get into it she can own it. The hero Nikolas, a knight from the Dark Court, has his own problems and thinks Sophie can help. I loved Sophie—she didn’t take any crap from anyone and was always the first to charge into a fight. I really loved this story. Days after reading it I would get excited at the thought of reading more, only to remember that I had finished it already! [Debbie, ACT]

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    Love these posts and yes Jet more books love it 🙂

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    More great reads to add to my TBR pile!

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