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Feature book: Sunrise Crossing

1 February 2017

sunrise-crossingSunrise Crossing by Jodi Thomas

Ms Thomas does small towns well. The reader gets to see inside the small town, the people and the events as they are in the present and also old histories. This story is no different. This particular story has three different couples and chronicles their journey to their HEA.

Yancy Grey is newly released from prison. He is back in town trying to keep a low profile working in the aged care facility, and when he has time, he works on his house. It is in the depths of the night that Yancy meets the young woman he calls Rabbit. She turns up, and together they work on his house. Rabbit, it turns out is a well-known artist, who has left her home as she can no longer stand the pressure from her stepfather. He has labelled her as suicidal and depressed and needing care. Her stepfather, her manager, only wants the paintings as they sell for high amounts of money. And I was a little disappointed that the reader was not able to see his comeuppance. Tori, or Rabbit, is able to paint in a different way in the new environment. She slowly trusts and falls in love with Yancy despite his background.

Parker Lacey knows she is going to die. Her mantra is ‘All Laceys die young’. She doesn’t return her doctor’s phone call as she wants to help Tori, and in a slippery manoeuvre, she goes to her property in Crossroads where Tori is hiding. She has her neighbour, Clint, pick her up in Dallas. What she hasn’t realised is that Clint has admired her for a long time. Parker only wants a temporary fling as she is going to have cancer treatment when she returns to Dallas. Little does she realise that the chemistry between them is strong and that they will be together despite her mantra.

Fifth Weathers is the town’s deputy. He’s staying on after the recovery of the town’s sheriff from a shooting. He meets Madison O’Grady, a pilot, who has relatives in the town. They are both attracted to each other, work with each other, and flirt with each other. Their attraction is instant and they do struggle to find time to be together. Eventually, Fifth wants to propose to Madison and knows the ideal place.

The thread that connects the three couples is Tori and her supposed disappearance. Tori is helped by Parker who asked Clint to help her with some things. Tori finds Yancy and love. Another character in the story is the man they called the professor who is in fact a bounty hunter, looking for Tori. Early on Gabe makes some realisations while observing Tori and Yancy, and changes from hunter to protector. His story is one I will leave for the reader to discover.

These three couples are different levels and types of love. Young and sweet first love, an older never thought it would happen type love, and the instant attraction type lust to love. It shows that love at any age is possible. I loved these intertwined stories of the different aspects and sides to love.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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  1. lynette williams permalink
    1 February 2017 10:24 am

    Jodi Thomas always writes books that are interesting and easy to read——Lyn W

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