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Feature book: Acquisitions

25 January 2017

acquisitionsAcquisitions by Tania Joyce

Troy Smith likes his life right now. His thing in life found him, and he became a viticulturist and has been able to connect with his son. He still feels the loss of his wife nine years ago. He has just been made a co-partner in the business so is keen to make it more profitable and to expand.

Kelleigh has an STD, sexually transmitted debt. Her partner of five years drained her cash and assets, left and she now owes a whole lot of money. She has a new job and is working as the project manager looking at specs for a new resort and golf course in the Hunter Valley.

Troy and Kelleigh meet and decide on a one night stand but the chemistry between them is so strong they try to reconnect but circumstances prevent that, plus they are on opposite sides of the development debate. Kelleigh also has the added pressure of a boss who countermands her decisions and is seen to be paying for the outcome he requires, not what is best for the environment.

The connection between Troy and Kelleigh is strong as shown through their inability to keep away from each other. Troy is set in his ways and enjoys the simple life while mourning his long dead wife. He is content but Kelleigh fires up his juices and they need to find comfort with another. We do get a glimpse of Jessica and Nat and how their life is evolving. This story is a good follow up to Propositions.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.


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