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Guest blogger: Vanessa Carnevale

15 January 2017

vanessa-carnevaleFrom wanderlust to writing a love story

As a chronic sufferer of wanderlust, travel always seems to find a way to inspire me. Not only does leaving home for a world of adventure satiate my curiosity—I love learning about different places and cultures—but I love being able to see life through a fresh lens. Travel also gives me the chance to shake off all the daily responsibilities of life while I step off the very busy merry-go-round I’m usually on, to take a breather and start noticing my surroundings a little more. All of this does wonders for my creativity.

The Florentine Bridge, my debut novel, published by Harlequin MIRA in January 2017, was inspired by one of the major travel stories of my life. I moved to Florence in my early twenties, where I lived and worked for several years. During this time, I kept a lot of notes about life in Italy—all the quirky habits and nuances of living life in a foreign country, the landscape, the ancient streets and sumptuous dishes.

I’d always wanted to write a novel, but it wasn’t until many years later that I looked back on those notes and realised I had a rich setting in which to place a story. From there, I dreamed up a cast of characters and followed the journey of a young Australian woman by the name of Mia who was an aspiring artist who would travel to Italy to find her motivation to paint again after being given a new lease on life. The story is one of new beginnings, of learning to trust in life again, and of recognising how beautiful and precious life is. Although I never intended it to be one, it became evident in those early chapters that The Florentine Bridge was going to be a sweeping love story that captures the essence of what it means to fall in love wholly, deeply, and without question.

Full of heart and hope, The Florentine Bridge is a love story for those looking for an Under the Tuscan Sun–inspired setting.

And of course, what better romantic backdrop than Tuscany and the Amalfi coast?

I hope you enjoy it!

You can find Vanessa here: Website | Facebook | Twitter

the-florentine-bridgeThe Florentine Bridge

Young Australian artist Mia Moretti has been cancer free for nine months. But her battle with the illness has taken its toll, leaving her depressed and tormented by overwhelming fears. What’s more, she can’t seem to paint anymore. Mia needs a fresh start so when a surprise opportunity to travel to Tuscany presents itself, she takes it. With any luck, this trip will help her find whatever it is she needs to open her heart and start painting again.

What she doesn’t count on is meeting Luca, a handsome Italian mechanic. With his smile, his warmth and his inspirational outlook on all the good things life has to offer, he sweeps her off her feet. As Mia slowly lets down her walls and allows Luca in, her passion for life is reignited and her new perspective begins to inspire her art. But just when she’s ready to let go of her past, will a tragedy threaten her new life with Luca?

Available in print and eBook from Harlequin.


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