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Feature book: The Turnaround Treasure Shop

28 December 2016

the-turnaround-treasure-shopThe Turnaround Treasure Shop by Jennie Jones

The Turnaround Treasure Shop is a lovely romance set in the fictional town of Swallow’s Fall, in the Snowy Mountains of NSW. It is book 4 in the Swallow Falls series.

Lily Johnson is a divorced mother of two children. She returned to her home town of Swallow’s Fall after the failure of her marriage. Hardworking, Lily has two jobs to provide for her family. Despite this, she also volunteers her time to help others. Lily has a dream … she would love to open a business in the old corner store she cleans. She wants to run a second hand furniture and treasure store and she wants to rejuvenate items to sell. To Lily this is a pipe dream, as her children come first, but she scrimps and saves whenever she can.

Nick Barton has retired from the Navy to a property outside Swallow’s Fall. Each weekend, he comes into town to have breakfast at Kookaburra’s Hotel, where Lily works. Nick has a crush on Lily but doesn’t feel he is the right man for her as he is too damaged from his past. However, Lily and Nick live in a small town, and some of the townspeople conspire to bring them together.

One of these townspeople, Mrs Tam, asks Lily and Nick to help catalogue boxes of books she has donated to the library, as a ploy to bring the couple together. Other things also happen to cause Nick and Lily to spend time with each other. Meanwhile, Lily’s children go on holiday with her mother and stepfather in Sydney, and Lily has more time for herself. As Lily and Nick gradually let their guards down, they reach for the courage to pursue a relationship and realise that they are very deserving of a chance at love and to live their dreams.

I enjoyed this novel very much and it was such a pleasure to read. The story is a sweet romance and I loved the interfering townspeople and the development of Nick’s and Lily’s relationship. I highly recommend this novel to everyone.

Reviewed by Nicola

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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  1. lynette williams permalink
    2 January 2017 11:23 am

    I have read the 4 books in this series –I love the way small towns conspire to get people together and I enjoy reading about what is happening to “lovers” in early books—-Lyn W

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