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Feature book: The Rise of Memphis

21 December 2016

the-rise-of-memphisThe Rise of Memphis by Kitty Kendall

Jane moved to Surfers Paradise after her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. She moved away to try and get on with her life without the little home town knowing everything she is doing. It has been three years, and she is still stuck in a rut, until one night she decides to change everything. On a night in January, she creates her alter ego Memphis, who is the complete opposite of Jane. Memphis is a strong and confident sexual woman who wants to experience her sexy side. What starts out as a one-time thing ends up becoming a challenge of having sexual encounters each week for a year. Her best friend Lolita wants Jane to experience a variety of men so that her sexual experience will grow and she will discover who she truly is. As the months pass, so do Jane’s experiences …


New Year’s Eve starts Jane on a journey when she turns herself into Memphis to get herself out her sexual slump. Once she talks to her friend Lolita, she is put to a challenge. The next encounters that happen are pushing the boundaries of what she desires. This is the start of her adventure to hopefully finding true love at the end of the year.


Jane is becoming bolder with her escapades as Memphis. She has a close call that has her rattled for a while, but she overcomes this quickly. Her sexual encounters become more and she even contemplates having sex with at least one of her conquests. She has four sexy men this month who are very different from each other.


This month one of the guys returns to give her another educational lesson about herself. There are some more one-night stands that show Jane/ Memphis looks are not everything, and even those people can be hiding behind others and are just waiting for someone to show them they are special too.


This month there are five encounters that will give her more experiences than she ever thought possible. Another gentleman returns to show Jane more about herself and how she is a sexual person. There are some fun encounters and ones that blow your socks off. It is starting to get interesting and Jane is starting to experiment more as Memphis.


Jane is developing as the months progress, and Memphis is coming out more in her personal life. She is not only helping herself but some of the men she encounters. This month shows she is more open to expanding her own sexuality, and also of those that she encounters. There are more second encounters with previous men and there is no disappointment with how they turn out.


More gentlemen return for a second visit with Memphis, including a hunky doctor and sports physio. Jane is picking out men who would normally be overlooked because they are with other men who are more famous or good-looking but this is not Jane. She is looking for someone who can be themselves and show they can be just as sexual, and fun as well. She is also set up by Lolly, her friend, with a single dad, but is he the right guy for her?


With Jane’s birthday in July, she is treated to two dates that keep her floating for a while. One takes her out to lunch, and treats her as a woman. The other man takes her on a wild ride doing something in the open, something she never would have dreamed of doing before. It is harder for her to hide her true identity to some of the gentlemen who keep returning. But she is now halfway through her challenge and is discovering she is making a difference in not only her life but also with the gentlemen she meets.


This month, Jane receives her first rejection and is nearly caught by her manager and needs to be rescued by her friend. The repeat gentlemen take their encounters further with Jane and Memphis and are giving her a taste of what she should experience. This month she gets another repeat visit from one of her suitors and they just keep getting hotter.


This month Memphis experiences her first threesome with two men but she does it her way and gives everyone involved a great experience. The five encounters this month are all gentlemen who return, and three of them know her true identity; she may be falling in love with at least one of them. She also sees the end of two relationships: one has come to say goodbye and to ask for some advice and the other Jane says goodbye to as she believes it is unfair to him to make him believe there is more when there is not. Lolly also helps her out with another situation that may allow her to continue the Memphis charade until the end of the year. Jane has developed into a more confident woman who knows what she wants most of the time.

Reviewed by Di

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  1. 21 December 2016 9:33 am

    Thank you so much for featuring my books. The series is now finished with 12 books in total. I also have a new book cover for this box set, so look out for it. Cheers to you and I hope you have a lovely Christmas filled with laughter, loved ones and of course great books.

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