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Feature book: Tell Me No Lies

7 December 2016

tell-me-no-liesTell Me No Lies by Shirley Wine

When Victoria Scanlan agrees to travel with her friend, Logan Donovan, to his family’s estate for a long weekend, she has no idea how complicated her life is about to become. At the house she soon meets Logan’s step-brother who also happens to be the father of her six year old son and the man she couldn’t forget. Now he’s in front of her, using a different name and with a fiancée on his arm. The emotional reunion is further complicated by his mother’s frosty welcome and the barely concealed claws the fiancée is aiming in her direction.

Keir Donovan has never forgotten the woman he spent one summer with and when he sees her again, all his old feelings for her return in force. Yet after being lied to and deceived by all of the important women in his life, he is immediately on guard and suspicious of her motives for returning. Yet it is soon obvious that the sexual chemistry between them is still explosive. As he questions Victoria’s motives for returning, his fiancée soon senses a threat and is determined she won’t be pushed out. A simple house party now becomes a hotbed of emotion, tension and everyone has secrets.

After several arguments and fraught incidents Victoria decides to fight for Keir who she now admits she loves. She inserts herself in his bed and just before she can start to seduce him his fiancée walks in with the same idea. Seduction is forgotten as they all engage in a blazing row, which ends with Keir a single man. Victoria spends the night with him, and the next morning a family row sees threats made and Keir declare his support for Victoria. That is until a phone call brings news of a medical emergency for the son he never knew he had. At the hospital recriminations flow and Victoria is devastated to learn of deceit and secrets from her family, who conspired against her when she had tried to find Keir during her pregnancy.

With their lives in turmoil and their son unconscious, the last thing they need is a vengeful ex fiancée whose Daddy just happens to own a major newspaper and is quick to use the press to expose the dirty secrets of the Donovan family, with a particular focus on Victoria. As her safety is called into question Keir moves her into his home but it’s not to play happy families. With secrets, innuendo, threats and a murky past between them can they ever get their life together back on track? And can they move past the scandals and paparazzi to live relatively normal lives?

This book will keep you turning the pages as each new secret, threat or crisis makes life more complicated for Victoria, Keir and their families. The climax brings through one last secret that will surprise you and you will be cheering for the lovers as they are forced to fight every step of the way to possibly find a happily ever after. I highly recommend picking up this book from Escape Publishing, when you have some time to devote to it because it’s hard to put down.

Reviewed by Tracey

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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  1. lynette williams permalink
    2 January 2017 11:13 am

    I have read all 3 books in this series and found them to be well written — –I enjoyed reading them from start to finish—–Lyn W

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