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Guest blogger: Kallie Lane

4 December 2016

kallie-laneRomancing the alpha male

Some men are natural bad boys. It’s in their DNA. They wear negative traits like badges of honor. Some also wear uniforms to serve and protect, while others are tatted, garbed in leather and chains. Their hot rides, unique to their characters, are hardly the family four-door sedan.

Surliness radiates from their personalities. Add in their stubborn streak, although they think of it as determination, and a gale force of ‘do as I say and not as I do’ attitude. With their need to protect the heroine from danger to the point of near-suffocation, any chance of a love connection is over before it begins.

These men also harbor an inner moral code that defies logic. Hunting evil on a daily basis is their normal; their entire existence is defined by that goal. They eliminate one crisis at a time. Catch the bad guy and move on to the next. This is how they live. It’s all they think about. Personal relationships, their chance for a normal life is non-existent.

Take Blue Falcone for example, commanding officer of an elite undercover police taskforce, and the hero of Silent Justice. He is the poster boy for all of the above. He also carries a truckload of guilt … because he let Rena down and put her in jeopardy.

Blue Falcone knew he was not an easy man to get along with at the best of times. Right now though, he was downright surly, could barely stand his own company. Slouched behind his desk, he stared at the drab gray walls and the view of a back alley. The hibiscus his mother had given him to cheer up his office had already keeled over on the windowsill, dry as dust. Shelves heaped with file folders and boxes of evidence sagged against the walls, and the litter on his desk spilled over to the floor. Yeah, the world could come to an end today and he would not notice.

All because she was gone.

He wished he were someone and somewhere else. Maybe then, he would not have this gnawing pain in his gut for a woman he barely knew. He groaned, tossed a pen on the blotter and raked his hands through his hair.

He thought about Rena O’Mally. Saw her face. He heard her voice. Wanted to reach out and touch her.

It had been thirty-one days since she disappeared. He had checked the hospitals every damn day since, stopped by the morgue each night to view the Jane Does, all with nothing to show for it.

Thank you, Jesus.

Can Blue and Rena find happiness with so much stacked against them? Please stay tuned on 6 January for Silent Justice!

silent-justiceSilent Justice

Out of control confidential informant cuts off undercover cop at the knees

When Rena O’Mally is kidnapped by a violent underworld kingpin, she enters a world where her only means of escape is in her sleep. She knows her chances of survival and returning to the man she has fallen for are slim to none.

Blue Falcone, commanding officer of an elite taskforce, races against time to find her. Taken on his watch, Rena means more to him than a woman in jeopardy should and it scares him senseless. Worse than that, when she manages to escape her enemy keeps coming after her.

Blue wants her in protective custody and out of harm’s way, but Rena has other ideas. She plans to bait the trap to catch this madman. As Rena’s life spins out of control, she and Blue face each challenge together. Will love give them the strength to defy the odds or will they lose each other in the fray?

Kallie writes suspenseful romantic fiction with a touch of humor to lighten the dark moments. She understands the rough edges of alpha males and loves to write about them, helping them find the women who complete them in every way that matters. She excels at hard hitting action and complex relationships that end with the heroine and hero building a life together.

Kallie loves to write stories with realistic characters, intricate plots, and happy endings. With her Shadow Soldier series, she has had the pleasure of meeting many military men who fit the bill. And while she loves doing extensive research, many of the locations and perils in her stories stem from personal experience. The isolated cottage in Dark Abandon is her own, her boating disasters serving as inspiration for her heroine’s. Reckless Abandon, takes place at a rodeo where she spent much of her time. She was thrilled when the novel was rated Best Book by Long and Short Reviews.

Kallie lives in Canada, was born and raised there, and loves winter in the cool blue North. Ever the optimist, she claims a hot toddy by the fire can work wonders after dragging oneself through snowdrifts and -45C degree temperatures. The perfect setting for hatching romantic suspense novels.

You can find Kallie here: Website | Facebook | Twitter


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