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Feature book: Husband Stay

23 November 2016

husband-stayHusband Stay by Louise Cusack

Angela Lata has always been the good girl, and always toed the line with what her family wanted. Then she finds out that her husband had a vasectomy before they even got married and didn’t tell her, especially when that is one of the most important things in her life, besides singing. Now that they are divorcing, Angela needs to do things for herself, and goes back to the one thing she loves, singing. But her return doesn’t go as planned and one disaster after another ensues on her first night back. The guy who causes all the trouble is Jack, and he becomes more to Angela as time passes. Jack starts to mean something to Angela but circumstances beyond their control stop them from moving forward. Angela’s career takes off because of a chance encounter at the Tea House opening and a YouTube video. Now she has one thing she has wanted, will she give it up for the other dream? Angela’s friends are always there for her when she needs them.

Jack has a rough first encounter with Angela where he makes a fool out of himself and causes harm to her. After a reaction to prescription drugs, Jack makes a fool out of himself but survives his reaction. His reaction to Angela though cannot be forgotten, and he goes to great lengths to find her and to apologise to her. He also has duties at home that are taking him back and forth to the city so that he can see Angela. When Angela finds out what is going on in his home, will she have the courage to stay and fight or will Jack turn her away because of his responsibilities?

This book is the second in the series and is quite different to the first one. There is love, hope and resilience in both characters that make you fall in love with them. It is a book that makes you want to keep reading to the end to make sure they get their HEA. Ms Cusack has taken these characters to the next level.

Reviewed by Di

A review copy of this book was provided by the author’s publicist.


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