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Feature book: Reveal

19 October 2016

Reveal_GollandReveal by KM Golland

Emily Davis leads a double life that nobody, even her best friend, knows about. She is the girl behind the computer when you join a sexting site. She makes other guys’ fantasies up. She does this in her extra time but nobody knows. She does take one of her customers offline and begins a ‘relationship’ with him but doesn’t realise where it is going until it is too late. Emily joins her best friend Corrine on tour with the boys of Revue and gets to know Brad a hell of a lot more. She realises that Brad could be there for her if she wants it but that would mean she needs to admit to what her secret job is. She is not ashamed of her secret job but knows that other people won’t understand.

Surfer Brad is a male stripper in Revue. Once he meets Emily he knows he can push her boundaries and make her feel something. He knows he has to keep pushing Emily to feel and admit her feelings before she goes home and on tour for a musical. Brad knows Emily is hiding something but is not sure what. When something happens to Emily, they both have to face the reality of what she was doing but she knows that Brad will be there for her when the times get tough.

Sparks fly from the first time Brad and Emily see each other. They know that in bed it will be electricity firing in every direction. They need to fight to make sure they know what the other is feeling. Of course it doesn’t happen like this, and after something tragic happens, they will see what they mean to each other. Ms Golland has written another great Australian book, one that makes you want to be on the sidelines cheering for them.

Reviewed by Di

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. Lynette Williams permalink
    19 October 2016 10:45 am

    I don’t know this writer but will have a look at her books——-Lyn W

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