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Feature book: Change of Heart

12 October 2016

Change of HeartChange of Heart by Claire Boston

Carolina, Carly to her friends, Flanagan is really quite shy. She hates the spotlight. She dislikes speaking publicly and detests those who want her for her money. She has learned the hard way the lengths people will go to to gain her attention, and her money. She sponsors many community projects as she believes in giving back. She believes, after being told, that billionaires behave and look a certain way, so she followed all the advice. But it is not her. She would rather be working on her software programs.

Evan Hayes is an artist. He feels he is the black sheep of his family, and left as his father is continually negative towards Evan’s career choice. He first meets Carly at a local art exhibition where his work is displayed. Carly recommends that he speak with one of the software developers in the indie program she sponsors. Evan turns up and finds out that he likes what he sees when he sees Carly on the floor helping others out. Evan slowly makes his way into her life and when she is ill, he takes care of her.

Naturally, there is a point where the couple have a misunderstanding. The item at issue is his exhibition in New York and her speech in Houston, on the same day. It is almost a comedy of errors that lead to the other thinking the one wants their relationship over. It is very telling about Carly that she checks the normal flight schedule for flights to New York to find they would not get to Evan’s exhibition on time. It is the subtle nudge from her personal assistant that reminds her she could actually hire a private jet to get there on time. So she races to New York to be there for Evan.

I really enjoyed Carly’s story. I thought Carly and Evan were very cute together. She is the very unassuming billionaire (yes a female billionaire story), and only acted as she has been told that is how a billionaire acts. Carly is too earthy for the mogul attitude. She is always wanting to give back to the community, but on her terms. Carly and Evan are very suited to each other and despite their focus on their special skills, they are able to be their real selves with each other.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. Lynette Williams permalink
    14 October 2016 8:37 am

    a bit different having the female millionaire & ?poor hero –one to read——LynW

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