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Feature book: Stranded with the Scottish Earl

5 October 2016

Stranded with the Scottish EarlStranded with the Scottish Earl by Anna Campbell

Ewan Macrae has ridden long and fast to meet the young women he hopes will be more than the miniature he has seen and kept. He arrives at Bassington Grange to find Cinderella opening the door. Cinderella tries hard to have him leave and he is taken aback at the inhospitable nature of the girl at the door. When he tries to return over the bridge, he finds it awash due to the current heavy rain. The girl reluctantly allows him entry to the house but two things are clear. The girl is the one he came to see and, secondly, they are all alone. The servants are in the village, unable to return.

His Cinderella is Charlotte Warren. She is the daughter of the baron masquerading as the gamekeeper’s daughter. A role she is unable to maintain and Ewan sees through her attempts to secure her safety. Charlotte categorically does not want to marry. She has a failed engagement; her ex-fiancé was happy to be with her as a friend, but once they became engaged, expected her to change to become a biddable woman. This is not Charlotte.

As the rain storm continues, both Ewan and Charlotte find their way through the façade the other is trying to project. The one thing that has them at an impasse is the hot, passionate kiss that knocks them out of kilter. As their time together progresses, they come to realise it is love that has woven a net over them. Ewan leaves with plans to return the following day, but it is later that day he returns after her father arrives. Both Charlotte and Ewan try to pretend it is their first meeting, but the reality of their love becomes apparent to all.

This novella is fast and furious. This is a couple destined to be together and NOW. Their attraction is instant, but Ewan must still win Charlotte over as she still has to come to terms with her unexpected feelings towards Ewan during their first meeting.

I really loved this story, and I want a Scotsman just like Ewan. I wanted their story to continue, and it just may if the epilogue is anything to go by, and no I can’t tell you what happens, you will have to read it for yourself!

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

  1. Lynette Williams permalink
    9 October 2016 8:36 am

    sounds like another winner Anna –Lyn w

  2. 5 October 2016 8:35 am

    Thanks for that lovely review, Heather! It was a fun book to write.

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